Hello, I’m Rose. I am Yoga teacher, artist, entertainer, party planner, song writer, docent, craftsman, and a mental health peer support

Please understand I am learning how to make a website which is why I do not easily have a way to process orders. If you have seen anything on this site that interests you please join the Royo Facebook group and send a post there or email me at royoyogaco@gmail.com 

Hi I’m a yoga teacher and I teach people who cannot stop asking the question ‘why?’ 

I yoga asana physical postures, meditations to lift you away from cluttered thoughts, tarot exercises, and journal prompts to keep you questioning things, 

I will help you prepare for meditation, lift you away from cluttered thoughts, help you understand confusing situations, and continually feed your desire to know more. 

I’m working on my elevator pitch, its a good start right? eh eh? 



My july class, yamas and niyamas for a beginner yoga student starts july 1, and will be hosted Thursdays at 8PM EST via my private zoom room. please message me if you are interested, its 30$. 

August i will be repeating the wild self love yoga crash series which was widely regarded as a great time. it will be four weeks meeting 3x a week once for a meditation, once for a short discussion or hay hello, and once for yoga asana. it a lot of self care  90$



The winners from my sweepstakes were drawn on June 22, 2021

they  are as follows:

1 Heather H

2. Lisa W

3. Taylor T

4. Kia Christmas

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated in my opening ceramony ‘spirit week.’ it was fun. 

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