Rose Sharon Moore

Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR

Hello, I’m Rose. I am an artist, entertainer, party planner, song writer, docent, craftsman, and a mental health peer support

A little background:

As a young adult I worked at basically every ColdStone Creamery near me, where I sang and made ice cream. I graduated from Otterbein University with a bachelors in art with a concentration in narrative ceramic sculpture & minor psychology in 2012. Before then, I received a humanities degree from Schoolcraft College. For four years I presented at The Henry Ford Greenfield Village, a historical attraction communicating to an international audience the ideas of American ingenuity, resourcefulness, and innovation. Most recently I took my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training with Crystal Gray’s Yoga Goddess Academy.

If i had to summarize, I would call myself a story teller

My artists background shapes the way I put my yoga classes together, merging movement, contemplation, and mindfulness for one of my favorite mediums — our internal emotional world.

My path led me to teach yoga when all of my skills brought me to dream of collectivism — working together with my fellow man for a greater vision of the future.

How do pursue this dream with the skills I have?

My mission is to help to people with big emotions, some call themselves empaths. The difficulties of a person so deeply feeling in empathy can be confusing, a few issues we face include

  • Confusing other peoples feelings for their own
  • Potential codependency with loved ones
  • Reactivity when things start to go south
  • Inability to name over powering emotions in the moment
  • Distraction when emotions are high
  • Physical somatic symptoms

If this sounds like you or someone you know, my yoga classes can help empower you to look at your emotional personality as a super power In my classes you will cultivate

  • Mindfulness for self awareness
  • Asana connecting with your body when emotions get high
  • Meditations for self discovery with visualization and breathing
  • Focusing on our values so that we can make good choices
  • Self care inspired by the 8 limbs of yoga
  • Inspiring you to go from contemplating to doing the things you love
  • Tarot readings to help your unconscious mind meet your conscious mind. (I am not a psychic)


  • I use a variety of methods from
    Mudra meditation
    Breath exercises
    Guided meditations
    Fun themed classes
    Intentional sequencing that will make sense energetically
    Chackra centered themes
    And I bring tarot/affirmation cards onto the mat.

I am proficient in Queuing poses verbally, and will talk you into every pose, making my style of teaching perfect for a beginner, and ideal for online sessions. I will hold space for you and help you grow with whatever goals you have in mind.

I primarily focus on virtual lessons, but can do private instruction in-person as well. I also am planning on starting public classes in Hines Park.

black and white 4 panel asana photo
Some poses I love most