fat, alcohol, caffeine, and acid are the most common triggers.

A Ayurvedic diet will address the underlying imbalances in your stomach acids

the practice of ashtanga yoga will address acid reflex and gerd from the root of the imbalance rather than address just symptoms

Overactive pitta dosha is responsible in part for acid reflex and gerd 

stomach up to esophagus to back of throat. solar plexus, heart chakra, throat, third eye are all affected. 

20% of USA suffers from acid reflux

sites of vata pitta kapha
sites of vata pitts and kapha

Yoga for Acid Reflux

This has been designed to be used as a suggestion of poses to try one by one

it is also a 50 minute sequence 

Yoga Acid Reflex treatments

use it however you would like, enjoy:

  • Balasana Childs pose with knees together
    • helps digestion by stimulating your gut, and relaxes the mind
  • Dandasana Staff Pose 
    • This is where I would do a pranayama exercise. 4 4 4 4 breathing or yogic breathing are both staples or consider one of your favorites. breath of fire would be a good choice, too 
  • Pachimotanasana seated forward bend
    • stimulate liver & kidney which both help you digest. So stimulating them before eating will help clear them of whatever old stuff it was still processing
  • Pavanamuktasana Wind relieving pose.
    • Helps with over eating and I have heard it helps with binge eating.  Stimulate liver & kidney, Relieves gas. Relaxes your back. Its an amazing pose 
  • Varjasana Thunderbolt or as I call it king pose
    • You can also benefit from meditation in this pose right after a meal
  • Cat cow
    • stretches abs, lungs, chest, all which relieve tension in the spine and stimulates your guts
  • Ardha matsyendrasana half spinal twist pose
    • stretches the diaphram and stimulates your metabolism. It also feels really good on your shoulders
  • Warrior 1 with a twist 
    • Along with the strength you’ll feel in this pose warrior 1 stretches the diaphram and stimulates your metabolism. It also feels really good on your shoulders
  • Pyramid pose
    • lengthens spine 
    • (BLOCKS BLOCKS BLOCKS) you don’t have to go super deep into this pyramid. Use blocks to hold it longer in a more relaxed position. 
  • Revolved triangle
    • focus on reaching as high as you can to the sky and you’ll reap the benefits of twist and stretched lungs
    • (BLOCKS BLOCKS BLOCKS) you don’t have to go super deep into this pyramid. Use blocks to hold it longer in a more relaxed position. 
  • Triangle
  • (BLOCKS BLOCKS BLOCKS) you don’t have to go super deep into this pyramid. Use blocks to hold it longer in a more relaxed position. 
  • Savasana Corpse pose belly to mat
    • If you suffer from acid reflux it is not advisable to sleep on your back. Try savasana on your belly to help calm your system

SOURCE FOR BELOW INFO Source: https://www.credihealth.com/blog/hyper-acidity-ayurveda-tips/

Things which pitta imbalance can contribute to

  1. ulcers 
  2. high blood pressure
  3. stress
  4. moodiness
  5. chest pain which can easily be mistaken for a heart attack
  6. GERD
  7. Hyper Acidity 
  8. esophageal complications (even cancer in extreme cases) 
  9. inflammatory disorders

Yoga for acid reflux treatments

  1. Saucha – purity in this case your diet
    1. Avoid trigger foods
    2. Excess intake of heat-producing foods can mean that the digestive tract overreacts with an increase in acid production.
      1. salty, fried,  vinegar, tomatoes, citrus fruits like orange and lime, salsa, dairy, garlic, onions, alcohol, coffee, anything spicy
    3. Add new things to your diet – specifically bitter, sour, and pomegranate, leafy greens
    4. Eat something at the beginning of the day
  2. Tapas – Avoid Eating Too Fast
    1. Promise yourself you will slow down your meals. 
    2. put your fork down between bites
    3. sip water between bites
    4. do not grab the next finger food until after you’ve swallowed the last bite
    5. Talk during dinner chew when the other person is talking and when its your turn take a moment from your fork, your finger foods, and your cup
    6. play with your food. It helps even though its kind of weird
  3. Tapas – Don’t Skip Breakfast
  4. Santosha – avoid stress
    1. add fun things to your calendar
    2. if you have a free moment, meditate!
    3. cultivate good times 
    4. mindfulness to appreciate the present
    5. don’t be afraid to cancel things if you’re overbooked. make it up later, people will understand

Asanas to be avoided if you’re having Acid Reflux or Acidity. 

Bridge pose,

Dolphin pose,

Downward Facing Dog,

Extended Puppy,

Feathered Peacock,

Forearm Stand,


Head Stand,

Knew Down Twist,

Legs Up the Wall,



Shoulder Stand,

Thread the Needle,


Wide Legged Forward Bend

vata pitta and kapha are related to different body types. which are you?

Sources used in Yoga for Acid Reflux:


https://thessearch.com/yoga-poses-for-acid-reflux pranayama



creative guided visualization


Enjoy this guided meditation visualization exercise (creative guided visualization for goals)

script is at the end


mindfulness fidget tools

  • You can find a physical ‘tool’ to touch while you go through this guided visualization, or you may prefer a mudra and keep your tool completely within your imagination. You can use anything you want. I could recommend a crystal, a tarot deck, a pen, sometimes I let my cat sit i’m my lap and I work with her as my guide.. anything that may be important to you  
    • my cat in my crystal cabinet


  • Sit comfortably in a wakeful posture. doesn’t have to be a perfect alignment though its a good goal Create an intention:
  • Create an intention 

  • To begin, think about a goal you would like to achieve. A BIG ONE. One that goes beyond what you can do tomorrow. Something you’d like to strive for.
  • 4444 breathing pranayama. heres how:

    • breath in to the count of four
    • hold it to the count of four
    • breathe out to the count of four
    • hold it to the count of fout
    • and repeat at least 5 times 

The Script

Think of a tool in your life which can help you to make .

For an artist it may be a brush, for a yogi it may be a mat, and for a digital marketer it may be an entire office. Take some time but once one tool feels most appropriate for you, stick with it. This will represent your certainty.

Explore how much you can create with this tool. Feel the weight of it. Feel the texture, feel yourself beginning to create. Notice where your mind goes, don’t force it anywhere so long as you remember your tool.

Now extend you imagination further. What successes would you like to see in your life? What is you big goal?

Lets go straight there. You’ve used the tool to make the life you hope for.

with 10 full 4444 breaths visualize going down 10 stairs slowly moving down one stair at a breath


And you’ve gotten there.

Notice the details. Start big: Where are you? What time of the day is it? Who is with you?

Now how do you feel now in this successful moment?

Do you feel, joy? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel relieved? Notice.

Entertain this moment in your head

And every time you can, bring more detail into the picture

Keep thinking, stretch you imagination as far as it can go with detail until you can

Imagine the future like you are there. At this point, explore the area, pick up on key details that your mind is drawn to

Notice if any of the details are surprising?

Or are they familiar?

Take a moment to bask, we will end shortly

Stairwell back up

  • 4444 breathing pranayama. heres how:
    • breath in to the count of four
    • hold it to the count of four
    • breathe out to the count of four
    • hold it to the count of fout
    • and repeat at least 5 times 

Come back slowly

conclude quietly 

Bow, namaste

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Mindfulness activities you’ll actually like

Do you ever say to yourself ugggh i can’t focus i don’t like mindfulness its hard for me?

I’ve heard it a million times. Sometimes from the same people, leading me to think maybe we’re talking about this mindfulness thing in the wrong sense

you dont’ have to sit around thinking nothing, or focusing on your breath and nothing else all day to recognize how you feel in your body 

I like the idea of a check in while doing other activities

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Here are some of my favorite ways to make mindfulness a way to enrich my life by doing exactly what it is that I like to do, and check in with myself


Take A Walk

I used to feel so doomed.

Today I went for one of the first walks of the spring, like a proper walk

In the winter I freeze

I move slowly

I took walks sparingly

So to feel the weather loosen up loosened me up

So full of gratitude, its easy when my body feels good

I put a timer on my phone and walk in a non linear fashion, left at this street right half way down, and so on and so on

Its good for the dog to not get lost, was my excuse when I started these walks

So today, I let go of all the things I was concerned about

Work, other work, side work, writing, the things I’m researching, etc

Which have been wrecking me, a little bit about that later.

I had to let it go, how long would it take to center me?

Twenty minutes lets try it its not that long and if it works out I’ll have something to write about

Yea do you see how this can become circular and spiral into


So put it away I said. The suffering of procrastination manifests as intrusive ‘why aen’t I doing this, you’re wasting your time, you’re lazy, you’re going to screw up your business

I’ll make a list when I’m done I say


And here’s what’s cool

The more I looked around and enjoyed the moment

The more I got out of the experience, in the most magical way

I entered in this frame of mind:

If you see something interesting, stop

Notice it

Make a story up about it

Engage with it in some meaningful way

Make sure you wander your neighborhood in a safe, confident manner. Click here to see some of my ideas and tips for defending yourself while you’re out in public on your own. 

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

A deck of cards for keeping hands busy while you think — mindfully

The High Priestess calling me to the present
Pulled a tarot card before my walk. Pull a tarot card as often as you can, wherever you are. It is another thing which can bring you back to the moment. how? Well if you’re thinking about this character, you’re not thinking about the past or the present. You can use a regular deck of cards too, card tricks are awesome Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Yoga Sun Salutations

Learn more about doing yoga sunsalutations and how to incorporate them into an intuitive at home experience click here for my blog

yoga starts with the breath, so take a long inhale

sigh it out

ahhhhh do you feel better already?

just a couple of sun salutations will get you feeling closer to your body, melting away stress related pains

white woman in purple shirt stretches in a yoga pose
i’ve been working on this pose for a year. yes one pose!

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Automatic Drawing is a mindfulness hack

Today I woke up after a 3 day depression induced sleep.

I woke up happy

I feel awake and at peace, and to look back at the psychosomatic dissociation I had literally awaken from was interesting.

Just yesterday I was so drained I couldn’t stay awake

I woke up with gratitude and a surreal sense of serenity. What is this?

The dog was whining at the door so I climbed out of bed and opened the door. What do you want?

She was cold bored and lonely. I let her in to cuddle with Eric.

I opened the curtains and welcomed gray dawn.

And now I’ll try automatic drawing “automatism”


Here ya go

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Automatic Writing 4/8/2022

Animals are mindful by nature

the dog is guiding my way through a mindfulness adventure

Pet your animal, give them a treat, take them for a walk, cuddle, whatever feels good. 

look them in the eye and accept that even if things are bad, they’ve still got adoration for you
Read more about how my rescue dog, Tifa, helped me appreciate being sick, healing, and living day by day with courage here

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Mindfulness Ritual Bath

starfish chilling in a bath
this starfish has the right idea

When I was at my most anxious I would take a salt bath every day. My water bill went through the roof. 

For you, I would suggest a bath at least once a month, once a week if you can afford it. 

You can add all kinds of little details to make your own little spa at home. 

It can be complicated or simple, your choice

Read my full guide on making your own ritual bath here

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Socialize with mindfulness

You don’t have to go out to the club and buy everyone a round, but maybe you could call your mom? 

learn how you can use yoga philosophy to become more confident in your social life here where I lay out the yoga rules for social skills — the yamas

Mindfulness you’ll actually like


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Yoga Guide to Women’s Self Defense

Physical Self defense as a Yogi

Yoga Guide to Women Self Defense is nonviolent and I feel safe, Physical Self defense as a Yogi, I created this guide for how to react in non violent ways

I am Rose, and I teach self confidence, centering, and flexibility yoga meditation and tarot to students with anxiety fears, inflexibility, and the desire for a longer attention span. 


And I’m a woman, too. 

As a yoga professional, part of my mission is uplifting my fellow ladies out of anxiety induced subjugation. We have wisdom we can teach each other, so lets do it.

invite your sister, your mother, your aunt, your cousin, your co worker, your best lady friends, and especially your teenaged family to read this post. It could save a life, and it could help you from acting violently before you absolutely have to.

I am not going to mention men very much. 

of my offerings?

Merchandise | RoYo Yoga

Yoga Classes | RoYo Yoga – Virtual Workshops & Practice

Peer Support | RoYo Yoga

Blog | RoYo Yoga

I asked my followers what their mother taught them about self defense

A lot of mothers took their daughter’s to tai kwon do. Some mothers taught their kids to fight. Some mothers even went to extreme lengths to teach their child that life is painful and how to endure. Some mothers did nothing. Some told their kids to hide, or to run.

Some of the stories shook me.

And a few people said their father was the person to teach them to guard themselves. This makes sense, given the role of physical protector and now that women are as equal as men our daddies aren’t keeping these powers to the man club. Love you guys, modern men.

But I am interested in the mothers.

I want to emphasize something before I go ahead and diatribe. I don’t think most men are dangerous. I don’t think most women are dangerous either. I think the reason why we can easily become fearful of #allmen or #psychostacy is because of a small few of repeat offenders. Because there are 3 billion people in the world, that small percentage can create a lot of trauma for all who suffer. on a giant scale.

Society is only as good as our worst, just as your house is only as clean as when you decide to tidy up.

My mother taught me this in middle school when my self-defense classes began. I can trust people but be perceptive to troubled men.

Unfortunately, I did still get hurt at the very fear we all have for one another. You know. What happened to me is too gross to say. I leave it at that. I knew a lot but I was destined to have to live out the very reason my mom began teaching me this stuff.

I digress.

Self Defense Advice

Take care of youself: 

self care including eating healthy foods, adding some kind of movement into your routine, strength training, and keep yourself clean: Im adding this because if you are relaxed, there will be less percieved danger. one great self care routing is a bath soak. You can read here about how I bring baths into my self care routine and how to make it specially for you. click here to read the whole guide

Get an alarm button and carry it on you.

  1. This is my number one recommendation for a self defense weapon. I’m confident that no one is going to try to hassle me when they hear this button. It is no longer a covert interaction. And no one gets hurt. It can also be good for if you get lost in the woods or something.

SCREAM as loud as you can. Not ‘help,’ though

  1. My mom says, if you scream help no one will come. If you scream Fire they are more likely to help.

Take a self defense class and you will be confident to potentially:

  1. There are tons of styles to choose from. I took Tun Tsu Do, a ceremonial style so I never even had to fight anyone while training. I still haven’t needed to, now that I think of it.
  2. Kick the genitals and poke the eyes
    1. Fight dirty if you are fighting for your life.. this should be a last resort
  3. Palm to nose HARD
    1. Another way to stun like #3
  4. Block
    1. This takes some practice, but any self defense class will cover blocking.
  5. How to get out of some holds
    1. This is so important! There are habitual ways in which someone can grapple you. Getting out of a hold like this could save your life.
  6. How to kick & punch

Weapon wielding can hurt myself as much as another person

  1. I don’t advocate for traditional edge or fire weapons in any situation. I consider carrying these weapons dangerous and it is a line I won’t cross. An IMPROVIZED WEAPON however, is a mark of a respectable hero journey.This is another reason to practice yoga. You become more aware, and more likely to see a potential life saving rock or candle stick holder. As seen in the game, Clue.

The power of kindness

  1. Sometimes a perceived predator is just a person having a really bad day. I have escaped terror through the power of my kindness. It won’t work in every situation, but its got to be in your tool box if you want to avoid having to hurt someone. It’s not easy, but through yoga I keep it in my practice. Stetch that kindness muscle.

Have emergency contacts

  1. Memorize at least 2 phone numbers other than your own
  2. Keep an emergency contact form somewhere easily accessible and easy to find. In the cloud seems like a good idea to me

Let someone know where you are going

  1. I am so bad at this, but it’s the most basic advice out there.

Look everyone you pass in the eye. I say ‘hello!’ and keep walking

  1. Yup, I say hi to everyone I pass. If I need to ID someone who was a baddy, I will have practice noticing the people around me when I’m not in a dire situation. Also its friendly so I make a lot of friends.
  2. Part of it is the confidence walk too, don’t stop to talk, say hi and keep going. Since I started walking this way I haven’t had anyone sexually harass me. Acknowledging first helps you stay in control, shows you are not someone worth messing with. And its graceful


I say this in the most loving way towards everying. my dog is a rescue and she has… Issues:

My dog hates men, she hates women, she hates white people and people with head scarves. she hates kids on bikes, she hates tall people. No one is going to fuck with me. Statistically, people with dogs are less likely to be harassed. 

It doesn’t exactly make us look friendly, but it does show a huge boundary.

I took a lot of effort to train her to heel, and to stay by me… but she looks like a terror! 

Click here to read more about how my dog has helped me in reshaping my life 

predators look for easy offenses. The more high maintenance you look the less likely you’ll be bothered. 

Self Defense advice for Public places

When I worked at the Henry Ford I went to tons of safety protocol seminars since it is a public space. I’ve heard it about 4 times, once a year but the most recent time I heard the lecture I took notes.

  • RUN and hide if you can AND HIDE if you cant run
  • Don’t be a hero
  • If you must fight, fight dirty. Genitals and eyes.
  • Stick together do not separate if you find another coworker
  • Lock doors behind you
  • Get off the property as fast as you can don’t look for a supervisor

What I learned from yoga

Because I’m obsessed with yoga and make everything about yoga


When I am in a warrior pose I embody the warrior virabadra. Virabadra was Vishnu’s pokemon.. Yes that’s what I call Vira, a pokemon. The OG pocket monster. I am a white girl from the Midwest so please accept my american appropriation. It helps me remember the story in my memory castle, again, Patanjali would love it.

Virabadra had 3 moves.

  1. Warrior 1: Jump up from within the earth
  2. Warrior 2: Sword
  3. Warrior 3: kick

These poses strengthened my legs, my core, my back, my glutes, my arms, and my neck. These asanas along with the sun salutation will exercise every part of your body from head to toe. They are called warrior poses (among other reasons) because they make you feel courageous and aware of your surroundings.


you can see all about the warrior poses at this blog I wrote about them

Feeling strong is all it takes to have the guts to stand up when attacked

Practicing yoga

keeps me strong

Keeps me flexible

helps me breathe through difficult moments

Helps me with my perception score


What is at stake

Your dignity, your money, your physical emotion health, the ideas can go on and on. There are so many ways of which a person can be taken advantage, so there must be a large range of self defense techniques. This is why it is so important to me to spread the word about the skills it takes to become self assured to live without fear.


And defenses don’t even stop with the body

Consider methods for you to defend yourself in the face of

Different kinds of self defenses

  • Defense of your privacy
  • Defense of your dignity
  • Defense of your loved ones
  • Defense of your lifestyle
  • Defense of your property
  • Defense of your physical body
  • And so on and so on

I think starting with loving yourself is a good first start


When you extend your defenses to these other, softer parts of your life it is called setting boundaries. When you are walking in public, it is called self defense. Both can be soft, hard, both effective.


Some statistics about disappearances and media coverage

With commentary


[quote] Number of missing persons files in the U.S. by age and gender 2020

Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 10, 2021

 While the fear of being kidnapped may persist for one’s entire life, in 2020 the number of missing persons under the age of 21 was much higher than those 21 and over, with 209,375 females under 21 reported missing, and 59,369 females over the age of 21 reported missing.

Why people go missing
There are many reasons why people go missing; some are kidnapped, some purposefully go missing – in order to escape abuse, for example – and some, usually children, are runaways. What persists in the imagination when thinking of missing persons, however, are 
kidnapping victims, usually due to extensive media coverage of child kidnappings by the media.

Demographics of missing persons

While the 
number of missing persons in the United States fluctuates, in 2020, this number was at its lowest since 1990. Additionally, while it has been observed that there is more media coverage in the United States of white missing persons, almost half of the missing persons cases in 2020 were of minorities. [/quote]


  • Women and girls are disproportionately affected by human trafficking, accounting for 71% of all victims. (ILO, 2017)


But surprisingly, most of the ways women and girls are groomed to traffickers is through some kind of mental coercion. So maybe walking alone at night with all self defenses exercised is less of a worry than answering your phone. Read more about the ways people become trafficked according to statsistc.com



I fearlessly walk alone

This is where I talk about me

I go on a walk every day with my dog. In the winter not as long, but the rest of the year I have been walking at least a mile and sometimes more. I live in a walkable area, with a park and convenience stores within less than a mile.

In the park sometimes people find bodies

On the road I could be hit

I talk to people who approach me

A desperate person might try to mug me

I talk to my neighbors and people at stores

I give out business cards to people I pass by. Personal information!!!

Any of them could have nefarious intentions. Any of them! And you hear on the news about women getting kidnapped, going missing, sex/human trafficked, all kinds of stuff.

How then, can I walk alone during the day, and during the night? Some people say I shouldn’t even go out at night. When I am out at night I have a flashlight on my head, reflective tape vest, my alarm bell and I live in a dense 1950s suburb.

The hell they gonna do with the most outlandishly dressed chihuahua walker when the entire neighborhood knows me.

Well, they know Tifa. And the dirty hippie that walks her! Ha. That’s my own projection.

I can kick an ass. Even if I never have.

I don’t even have to touch them.

I believe this, and it helps me walk tall, another way to prevent trouble.

 Pacifist for life yo

I am concerned with stalking sometimes though

The bad stuff that happened

Look, I’ve been through some b a d stuff. Most of it went down with people who I knew intimately, and a nurse in an ER and she had me handcuffed to the bed soooooo I couldn’t exactly do anything. This kind of stuff can and does happen. It happens to lots of people.

But I don’t want to be afraid of my neighbors on the street anymore, it was so tiring.

 I went through a phase where I was terrified, it lasted as long as it needed to. Walking around the neighborhood helped me escape from my agoraphobia and through yoga/meditation I can drive again. It was very tiring & expensive work.

Since I did the work and really did climb out of the pit, I’m hoping that my message can be sent to others. If you learn to protect yourself, you don’t have to worry about taking up space

You Got this! Stay Strong Sisters


Hello, I’m Rose. I am Yoga teacher, artist, entertainer, party planner, song writer, docent, craftsman, and a mental health peer support


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Find out who you are, who you are not, and the confidence to say you know yourself better than anyone else. You’re the only person in your court who will always be with you– so we may as well learn to love being with ourselves.

This is a survey for anyone who wants to make sense of their lives through tarot archetypal imagery, journaling, and yoga practice. https://forms.gle/XCpAk4Fepcjgb2XBA

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Ritual bath yoga

by Rose Moore, October 9, 2021

Ritual bath, that sounds like a pretty woo woo concept doesn’t it? I started taking ritual baths after I got out of hospital a couple of years ago. My body was so worn from the effects of my tense anxieties. Doctor said to take relaxation baths regularly.. I was not a bath person. Like a cat, I didn’t like to get wet. Bathing was purely for cleaning my outer self and getting along with the day. I would even get sick in hot tubs, so it was never a big thing for me to be in water.

I am glad I made this ritual part of my life

It started as a ‘any time I needed it’ exercise. It would be a bath bomb, a tray, and my audio book playing for an hour or so. Sometimes just water and I would close my eyes. Just be.

At some point I no longer needed them ‘all the time,’ and it became a weekly ritual.

Ritual by the way, what a weird word right? It has such religious connotations. Not always true though! You’ll see that in my ritual bath you can either use your religious backgrounds to pray in the way that works for you, or you can use my ideas in a secular way. It doesn’t matter.

The ritual is for self care, not for your lord. That dude is welcome too, that’s all I’ve got to say about that! 😀


Ritual baths are not for washing your body. To wash your body is a different experience. One that you can do every day on the regular. This is a different experience. A ritual bath should occur when you are already cleansed. I recommend taking a shower the night before, otherwise it may overwhelm you to have so much time under water in such a small amount of time.


A warning: Don’t let the bath be so hot that it makes you sweat. Hot water at the beginning will help the salt dissolve, but once it is, make sure your bath is luke warm.

Pre Cleanse

The importance of a pre-cleanse has to do with the nature of your tub. You’re going to be laying in a relatively small amount of water. Any grime you bring into the bath will eventually settle at the bottom. The less grime, the easier it will be for you to come into the present moment.

Another note about your tub—clean it the day before your ritual bath. You can easily do this before or after your pre cleanse shower Preparing yourself for this special Saucha experience is worth the effort. The more time you put into this exercise, the more relief you will feel in the end.

SAUCHA means purity

I am a yoga teacher, so everything I think about and want to share ends up back in yoga. Yoga has 8 limbs, meaning 8 different practices in order to find inner peace. It’s not just the physical postures. Suacha is one of the niyamas, or as I like to say, yoga self care practices. If you can cleanse and groom regularly, finding inner peace becomes easier.

No wonder I feel so icky when I’m depressed and it gets harder to get under water. Right? Has anyone else ever felt this? The grime begets the depression, the depression begets the grime. Therefore you might feel better after a shower. Your body is thanking you for taking that difficult step during your low points.

Ok anyway:

Other yoga teachers like to emphasize the fact that saucha does “not just mean the obvious purity of grooming, it has to do with attitude, blah bah blah”

To this, today, all I have to say is this:

Patanjali would have liked it if you groomed yourself.

We all would

SO! Don’t forget the saucha ALSO means the obvious practice of cleaning your body.

Thank you very much for your time, now allow me to move into our big theme for the day:

The Autumnal Ritual Bath

Here are a few archetypes I was inspired by for this bath

Persephone and Parvati

  • Persephone: Goddess of the harvest, or fruits, and of the underworld. Husband of the devil, allowed out from spring to autumn. She is known to be depicted next to pomegranates, apples, oranges, grains, and flowers
  • Parvati ( translates to ‘she of the mountain’) wife of Shiva: he Hindugoddess of fertility, love, beauty, bravery, harmony, marriage, children, and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power


Bathing is a basic way to purify your skin, calming anxieties, revitalizing your energy, soaking in goodness from our vitamin charged bath amenities

Ayurveda blends of aromatherapy

Put these things in your water:

  • Skin safe oil
  • Magnesium salt to mix in the water
  • Dehydrated milk to mix in the water
  • Orange blossom to float
  • Flowers cut at the bud to float
  • Tea bags – black tea (at least two)
  • Sage leaf to float
  • Orange peels to float
  • Apple slices to float
  • Honey to mix in the water
  • Crystals of your choice

Oat Facial


  • Tea bags – soak them in the warm water for a moment, squeeze the excess liquid, and place over your eyeballs during facial meditation

Make an oat face mask or I use Aveda oat mask. To make your own

  • Oat mask – pulse dry oats in a food processor until it is milled. Combine in a bowl with dehydrated milk. Mix in a separate bowl egg white (for oily skin) or whole egg (for normal to dry skin) one tablespoon at a time until you create a thick paste. You can add crushed (or milled!) herbs and essential oils for your custom scent.
  • Lip moisturizer (I like to use a skin serum with CBD. It soaks in quickly and keeps your lips plump)

Facial Directions:

  1. Pull hair back loosely into a braid, let it soak in the water as well
  2. Cleanse face, exfoliate if needed, serum, then generously apply oat mask to entire face down to your shoulders
  3. Apply the tea bags to face
  4. Relax into your tub
  5. Meditation in your bath for 25 minutes
  6. Plunge face into water and rub it all off
  7. Rinse with salt free water
  8. Continue ritual bath


Honey salt Exfoliating scrub

the skin exfoliation this comes last. When you enter your bath your skin is at its regular stasis of moisturized. As you soak in the tub, your skin will begin to plump, and your dead skin cells will start to separate naturally. Allowing yourself to soak first will allow the most dead cells to separate, making a scrub like this a gentle experience. You don’t have to rub yourself raw

  • Mix Magnesium salt and honey. Towards the end of your bath, scrub the mixture all over your entire body. I like to use gloves so that my hands don’t get too raw

Crystal recommendations:

Why do I recommend crystals with your ritual bath?

Some people believe that crystals have healing properties. The minerals, rocks, and crystals below are a combination I created for this bath in order to achieve a few things:

  • Opalite (must not be placed in the water)
    • Because it glows under certain lights and its getting dark out this autumn
  • Coral
    • To connect you to bigger bodies of water
  • Miramar
    • It also glows under low lights
  • Clear quartz point
    • Gorgeous clear addition to any rock art installation
  • Purple & blue agate
    • Remind me of the royal status of Parvati and Persephone. How can I embody these reagal virtues into my life?
  • Green aventurine
    • Super charge your heart chakra to ease your ego as you bath in meditation
  • Amazonite
    • To quell fear and open for receiving. Don’t dunk it in the water
  • Aquamarine
    • For possibility, and again to connect you with bigger bodies of water

Music options:

making it happen

You can make this experience as complicated or easy as you would like. When I take the time to prepare a day ahead and make all of these goos, the process can feel like I am at a spa. its worth it. easy or complex.


also, pick a time of the day where you know you’ll have a moment alone.




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Dog Yoga Practice Reflections – a fools journey

Rose Moore


Alternatively titled Rose’s Fools Journey Interested why? Click here for a survey about this title


An essay about the beginning of my current samskara and about learning how to love my dog, Tifa. I’d never had a dog before, only cats. Cats taught me how to love, and when I really felt like they taught me enough, I decided to get a dog, and learn how to receive love.

I’m glad I learned about these animals in this order, I found Tifa at the perfect time

And I’m grateful for my cats to help me get there

Oh and I’m grateful that my cats put up with my rambunctious dog every day ha!

Ok this is mostly about my dog but bare with me for a second. I’ll try to give you a little background on how dark my shadow is so you can really appreciate my light. its not that long and then on to the cool dog stuff:

I’ve been through a lot ok. Ever heard that before? Ever said that about yourself? For every one person, including you, there is a bottom in your life. It is essential to the state of humanity, it is essential to learning that pain is fundamentally a part of this experience. The experience being life.

You come into the world wailing like bloody murder, right?

If you don’t believe this to be true, it is OK, I think you’ll get a kick out of this story too. I love a skeptic.

I went to therapy. It started like a nuclear bomb. All of the connection to my body and mind was lost, metaphorically speaking. I speak in metaphor a lot but the physical connection was now materializing in panic attacks…. which feel like heart attacks. I was scared for two years I wouldn’t be able to tell if I had a heart attack because the feeling is so familiar. YIKES ok…

What I experienced was the awakening of my feelings, which allowed me to get in connection with my body.

It happened at a traumatizing moment that should have been a happy moment. I have difficulty with happy moments. Its sad and it is some of my shame. I should be able to be happy in a happy moment, in the present. But I couldn’t. I honestly could not be aware of the present. It manifested as journal practice. It manifested as numbness in the moment, and delayed happiness when I could absorb the moment. And sometimes it took a while. Some times by the time I had lost the things which I had intended to puI was steady with one day at a time,

but it was a large tower which fell.

Franklin’s tower and the bell.


So my grandma also dies the same year and I was in the mental hospital during her hospice. Great timing… That is to say, every moment is great no matter what. I think she would agree


I was in the mental hospital when my dad called me while he was ordering burger king from a takeout window and told me my grandmother had died.

Thank the gods I was in the mental hospital. People go absolutely nuts when someone dies, have you noticed this? Loss, mourning, these are some of the hardest things. It was the oil above the water which was me. Blended in a machine As though I was a decent vinaigrette, I could not tell the oil from my vinegar. The flavor was complex. And it was bitter My grandmas dying didn’t turn it on, but it was the last drop of oil poured into my solution.

Mental hospital is the perfect place to mourn




  It made the recipe just right.

   The snake released from my spine completely.

Being unaware of the broader aspects of life was a dysfunction. I now know this dysfunction to mean I did not get the most out of my life. Not only that, it hid a lot of these problems from myself making me think I was more stable than the kundalini within me knew.

I am highly conscientious so it is easy to wear a mask. Pun Unintended


I imagine this is how a lot of people feel. A lot of us are unaware of our problems. That’s another reason why loss hurts so badly! We think we have it figured out. I thought so at least. I thought the world was bleak and to make the best out of it.

I felt alone

Therefore I was alone

I had just been given the mirror, I could start to examine who I was and wanted to be.

Still working on it.

By the way that is still my belief system to a certain extent, but bleak meant bad to me before, and now I can see how it is a neutral concept. It’s my relationship with the concept which painted my life. The secular apa standard term. don’t quote me on the source its an educated guess?


shit sucks and its fine





I was in my 30s. Well,  I am  in my thirties. ‘m done denying reality… Ok now I’m offtopic lets get back to topic:


So anyway about my dog. Her name is Tifa.


I got her in less than moral means. I got her off Craig’s list. My husband describes me getting this dog as like Dennis from Always Sunny buying crack from Craig’s list that’s exactly what it was like but ya know. A real live animal)



You shouldn’t do this, by the way. A lot of these animals on sale from craigslist are stolen, from backyard breeders, & puppy mills. Sorry, it’s the sad truth. I hate to hear it too. I don’t know what the solution is, I just know its the way it is

The little old lady who needs you to call her land line instead of emails giving a paper trail? No form? That little old lady is just as sly as any conman on the street. Trust me, don’t do it. All the rescues are getting dogs “returned” right now because pandemic insanity (I’m insane so I get to own that word don’t @ me) everyone was desperate for a companion. The desperation waned and the dogs got “thrown away” basically.

Can you imagine such an indignity? It hurts to imagine for me. 

Before the current stats I’m pulling from the pandemic made rescuing a dog impossible. I went to Huron Valley (click here to see their website) and the line out the door was 100+ people in early December. For a pack of 15 puppies or so. I would send out resumes to rescues and they’d say I was on a waiting list that never turned into anything. I love Tifa but I wish I hadn’t brought an animal into my home this way, to perpetuate the victimization of dogs. Not worth the risk.


Luckily for you, if you want to save an animal, you can call the Detroit dog rescue (click here) right now and they will let you come in on appointment. There are about one hundred dogs there as of today, 9/28/2021 I am not affiliated with any of these organizations.

Click here for local recues in detroit

I had already written out a long ass resume about why I, Royo, would be the perfect connection to Tiffany, the dog.The truth is I got a form from another rescue, filled it out, and sent it to like, anyone on craigslist who had a dog and changed the name.

I really wanted a dog can you tell?






It’s embarrassing and The most embarrassing part is I didn’t even know which craigslist ad I had contacted this lady from. And I’m not alone, it was a Mass Hysteria. What a weird time to be alive, am I right people?

I get a wad of cash and drive to Barnes and Noble because it is by a Petsmart(unaffliated with both) and I could get a latte and dogs are allowed in there (I picked the location obviously). I get a picture of Tifa looking out the window which says on the way.

It was a brief conversation. What is her name? “Tiffany.” Some little weird stuff happened but I will not bore you with the petty details. Just a couple red flags, you know, living on the edge.


I was able to piece a few things together by the brief conversation I had with the woman who sold her to me.

  1.  The dog is a ‘chihuahua terrier’ 
  2.  The dog was from South Carolina 
  3.  She had belonged to the woman’s sister 
  4.  She was ‘good with kids and cats’
    1. The kid part is true, and I believe her first companion was probably a little girl. Sometimes she still is alert when she hears certain little girls in the neighborhood and will let them pet her from the first day I walked her


  5.  The woman drove the dog up from south Carolina 
  6.  Her and her husband are retired and she wanted to go back to work. 

I gave her the wad of cash, and she left immediately without much a goodbye to the dog. with a shaking dog peeled to me crying I got into the car packed all the dog accessories I received along with her collar.

I said Hi Tifa. She shook, into a ball, and laid her head deep into my lap.I had met my first dog companion. And I finally had a mirror to how I looked to other people, or I should say, I related to her. And I did not like her when we met. I love her now 

The mirror. Remember the mirror.


I still believe all of this. I would be lying if I didn’t go through motions of being mad at the woman who gave Tifa to me. Some days I would cry why did she leave Tifa.  other days I would yell what a bitch! I am neurotic things take time for me to process.Now I can see how the pandemic brought out mass hysteria and we were laced together forever now. She was a mirror too. When I began to forgive and love her, I began to forgive myself and love myself despite.

Getting used to having a dog—


Everyone said oh rose there is a 6 month time table for bonding(click here to learn about that), here was mine:

  • 1st day – psycho

  • 2nd day- begin walking and went to vet for shots.

  • 3rd day – want to give the dog back

  • 5th day – cry during therapy for forty five minutes and she says ‘if you want to get rid of the dog you need to do it RIGHT NOW it would be mean not to.’ (crying which would last for about 2 or 3 months)

  • Day 7 – buy 100$ of more dog supplies

  • 14th day – I call the lady to see if she missed the dog and that I’d gotten her a checkup to the vet and she could come get her and keep the money…. the phone was disconnected.

  • 21h day – we hadn’t slept in 20 days and I didn’t want to be by the dog. I screamed as much as she did

  • 21th day– eric started sleeping on the couch with her making it impossible to teach her to sleep on her own. She stole my man!

But its ok. Because I refused to put her up for adoption. Even though I wanted to so badly in moments of weakness

Why can’t people understand this feeling?




I didn’t love her immediately. I wanted that to happen, I think I assumed that would happen but I didn’t. She felt the same around me. I thought every day, this isn’t love this is her anxious attachment. Will she ever like me or is this a scared dog who is afraid to be alone.

It showed up in how she acted; just like me

  • pulled the leash,

  • terrible “leash etiquette”

  • jump and lunge to the point where she hurts her right back leg

  • stop in the middle of the road

  • completely reactive to everything (like everything!)

  • lunged at people (especially white men and kids on bikes),

  • cried if I wasn’t in the same room as her, refused to go in a crate, would wine all night

  • peeing in places because she wasn’t used to going out often at night.

  • Snarled at strangers,

  • Wouldn’t let me have a moment with her not touching me

  • Barked aggressively at anyone who came to my house(this is still a challenge but its better)barked at my neighbors constantly (they were nice about it ),nipped at hands (softly but I don’t care, I don’t want my dog murdered by animal control because one day its not a soft nip… mmmmmsoftnip…).

  • Begged for food and would not eat kibble. She had been eating catfood beforehand.

  • Getting really sick (and no wonder from the stress of this all. We fed her chicken and rice, and then it was hard to get her to start eating agin when we moved her back to kibble.)

And then I think of the mirror. I’ve been like this before too.

 She is stubborn but not stupid.

In the first few months, Tifa was in charge, not me.

I always thought dogs were dumb because most of the dogs I’ve ever known were completely untrained, spoiled and fat. That, or well behaved dogs made such less of an impression, I noticed a lot of dogs with what I would consider super rude… crotch sniffing kind of stuff! You know what I mean, right? How can you forget that.

It’s the people! Who knew!

 I never knew this, I always thought it was the way dogs just were—terrible.


This realization was heavy for me. I could see my fellow people differently now that I understood this mirror.

I’m glad I was able to get my first dog after my last breakdown because

 if I had gotten one sooner than this point I would have probably been a terrible owner.

My dogs would be just like all the other dogs I’d met before.

But its not the only possible truth. I found a cool dog trainer at K9 turbo training (click here for their website)who taught me clicker training. He was essentially training me to train the dog. Gasp! Another mirror! I saw them a month to today and our relationship has expanded like a lotus.

I’d never taken my, or anyone else’s fitness/health into such serious consideration until I had to take care of Diesel. I used to say, ‘not my body so don’t care, you can’t control everything’ & ‘Live and let live.’ I realize now it was a disservice to my loved ones. I had no idea.

Thank you Tifa for letting me know this. We mirror each other by the lessons we learn from each other, and the growing trust of two good girls.


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You can’t do anything alone, remember that we do not live in a vacuum.

My dog has wonderful leash etiquette now. Walking her is an interactive joy for both of us. She would say I have good leash etiquette too. Equilibrium feels so good, meeting a dog on honest ground.

And she’s losing weight. Walking her every day with GOOD leash etiquette has helped with Tifa’s limp

It’s the human, not the dog.

I had to fix all of this because none of us could live with it. It was a high stress time.

How do people live with poorly behaved dogs I just don’t get it. That was my aversion to ever getting a dog and it was so wrong of me. I’m so glad I have Tifa as a companion.

On abuse trauma; which we worked on side by side

A lot of people have suggested she was “abused by someone” and that is why she acted like such a fool before we started clicker training. I don’t like to believe this. I think the abuse was a consequence of being torn from her first companion, that little girl but the complexity of such a trauma, a dog can’t handle IMO. It was separation, not human misery projected onto the dog…. Does that make it better?. I want to believe this. It’s the least tragic in my imagination bank.

I have a vision of what Tifa’s first companion looks like, but I’ll never know for sure, only Tifa will.

When we got Tifa she had a scavenging and hoarding habit and would not eat when we put food in her bowl. It was curious. I have heard this is a common habit of dogs from puppy mills because they had to compete for food and could not count on being fed in some cases). I think Tifa was not reliably fed and would eat the scraps of humans. I think someone fed her human food. I suppose that alone is a trauma.


I have struggled with trauma which I wrote about in this blog if you still have time today, or bookmark it for later ^_^

On Illness and my other sick cat

Oh and by the way, my dog is FAT.

I can say that because Tifa is a dog and dogs don’t have vulnerability about their weight. I’m so glad. You know who does though? Me because I don’t want another one of my animals to get diabetes. Aesthetics aside which is remarkably subjective… That’s another story for another day.

I hope never to allow anyone in my home to eat themselves to diabetes again after figuring out how to handle my older diabetic cat, diesel, on a day to day basis. It broke my heart repeatedly last winter.

 I’d never taken my, or anyone else’s fitness/health into such serious consideration until I had to take care of him. I used to say, ‘not my body so don’t care, you can’t control everything’ & ‘Live and let live.’ I realize now it was a disservice to my loved ones. I had no idea.

How to see The reflection




felt that perceiving was judging, which I have noticed is a common American cultural norm. And it annoys me.

I want to live in a way which prevents the illness I’ve had to experience second hand. Heck I want to live in a way which prevents illness from my own experience.

Like Sidhartha, it took a long time for me to exit the castle… but I digress.

Diesel He is healthy happy and a good boy, but it’s a lot and I can feel his pain/annoyance. Really that’s what makes me sad: how upset the condition makes him. All of my animals are attention seeking, it must be a reflection of me. Right?

. For example, when he gets annoyed he’ll look at you right in they eye and just



To him I replay ‘I agree with you, buddy. Lifes not fair.’ Sometimes eric will laugh, sometimes its quiet, sometimes another high pitched om. All of these responses are mirrors.


And Tifa


I walk her every day for an hour. An hour is better than a distance occasionally because the walk is really for her. IF she wants so sniff for 5 minutes at one tree, be my guest. Usually we go at least a mile though. I’m fitter, shes fitter, and I  never want to think about my weight.

 I can close my eyes to my body and look at her for validation of my health.

Feeding her reminds me to feed myself.

Her willingness to exercise was inspiring and I have a wonderful companion to enjoy the neighborhood with. I can have the weight I desire without even thinking about the weight I desire. All I have to do as look at how happy and healthy she is and I will know.


Other mirrors of me and her

  • Walking etiquette

  • Listening

  • Communicating effectively

  • Noticing body language

  • Effectively saying no and setting boundaries

  • How well we both are eating now

  • How much time I spend on the couch

  • How much time she spends in the sun

  • Touch grass

  • Our tolerance for discomfort

  • How to show love

  • How to receive love

Cool right?

My dog and I are connected. Woven together with the threads of this material and spiritual world. Same with my kitties,


I believe kitties teach you how to love


Dogs teach you how to be loved



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Find out who you are, who you are not, and the confidence to say you know yourself better than anyone else. You’re the only person in your court who will always be with you– so we may as well learn to love being with ourselves.

This is a survey for anyone who wants to make sense of their lives through tarot archetypal imagery, journaling, and yoga practice.

one person who takes the survey will be entered to win a ten dollar amazon gift card if I get 25+ entries. You know I will & I hope you win. Thank you, look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say

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I truly bow to all of you reading this.


Yamas: The Yoga Guide to an Amazing Social Life

Written by Rose Moore

September 21, 2021


Yamas are the way you can be a respectable person in your community. Yoga is not an isolationist conquest, meaning* we will still live in a society. Because people can be capricious,* these are the easiest guidelines to make the least trouble in your social life. Not only that, it is a recipe to gain the respect of your colleagues, peers, family, and friends.


In the 8 limb path of yoga, yamas are said to be the easiest branch to start your practice of yoga. Wonder why?  I think it is because humans are hardwired to generally be social creatures. The first outcomes of yama integrity can be immediate, at the slightest smile or the biggest gesture of bonding you can think of.

So how do you become the most trusted person in town?

There are 5 yamas

Some values are universal, I believe these are examples of integrity along all cultures. We may disagree in what ways or regards, but we all would be healthy to strive for:

  1.  Ahimsa – non violence

  2. Satya – honesty

  3. Asteya non stealing

  4. Brahmacharya – chastity

  5. Aparigraha – non possessiveness


Yama momma, yama llama, yama-bff

Here are some rad quotes about the yamas and niyamas for all of you quote collectors:

“The Yamas & Niyamas are the foundation of skillful living. [They] are like a detailed map, telling you where you are and how to look for the next landmark. The Yamas and Niyamas free you to take ownership of your life and direct it towards the fulfillment you seek. Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought and action may be the grandest adventure you can choose” – Deborah Adele

deepok chopra:

        “All spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to live ethical lives. Yoga agrees but concedes that living a life in perfect harmony with your environment is difficult from the level of morality—through a prescribed set of “shoulds” and “should-nots.” Patanjali, describes the yamas as the spontaneously evolutionary behavior of an enlightened being… We see[niyamas] as the qualities naturally expressed in an evolutionary personality… Again, these qualities do not arise by making a mood of moral self-righteousness, but they emerge as aresult of a person living a natural, balanced life… Like ideal social conduct, evolutionary personal qualities derive from your connection to spirit” – Deepak Chopra & David Simon, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga © 2004 pgs 32 & 36


Ahimsa, or Non Violence

Poses to try: Heros pose, childs pose, forward fold

Hero pose, be your own hero
Hero pose, or virasana. stand tall on your knees, curl your toes under, and bring your sitting bones to your heals so that your pelvis is neutral. Raise your rib cage, relax your shoulders back, bring your hands to your knees with pointer finger to thumb
Hang loose in a forward fold
stand tall in tadasana, bend your knees slightly, hinge at your pelvis so that your chest comes forward and then down, making sure to keep your shoulders rolled back in space to give your neck space.
childs pose balasana to comfort yourself
Childs pose, balasana: from a table top position bring your legs as wide as the mat, feet touching. crawl with your hands foward bringing your forehead to the mat. breathe, relax, there is nothing to fear

Ok so there are two types of violence.

Violence towards others


violence towards yourself.

These are separate ideas however if you stop beating yourself up you will  have a better time finding non violence towards others.

I don’t want you to beat yourself up. It is so normal, so common, and so painful.

It is also painful to beat someone else up.

Being non violent is hard, by the way. Not reacting to negativity, when it really feels like the best thing to do, its hard!

ok heres where i’m going to rant a moment, if you don’t want my petty take scroll down to the next block quote: This is the most internet policed yama. It is easy to make judgements online about how other people act, how other people talk, how other people other people other people. If you go onto any yoga group on social media you will at some point here ‘AHIMSA!! HOW DARE YOU USE THAT WORD(whatever you happen to have said) YOU ARE BEING VIOLENT BY TALKING THE WAY YOU DO YOU MIGHT HURT SOMEONE.’ Can you tell I spend a lot of time online???

Anyway, This point of view, if you’ve ever encountered it, can feel like fingers are being pointed at you, even if you are speaking in honesty which is another one of these yamas. You can never know if someone is going to take your truth and feel hurt.

Disagreement is not violence, but it can lead to violence.

darkness cannot drive out darkness
Martin Luther King was a modern day yogi in my opnion. He preached for unity, love, forgiveness, and if you listen really carefully… he embodied yoga philosophy.. in my opinion!
Darkness cannot drive out darkness
only light can do that
hate cannot drive out hate
only love can do that
Martin Luther King JR.


  • Some questions for reflection:

    • How do I beat myself up?
    • How can I spread peace?
    • How can I forgive?
    •  How do you beat other people up? why?

Satya or honesty

Satya, or honesty, means being honest with yourself. This mudra, the dhyanna mudra, calms the mind and lets all of the static thoughts fade away. A common posture for meditation. try it somet time!

Dyani mudra: with your four fingers together, bring your left hand to you lap, right hand rests on top. Touch your thumbs together

How simple right? Just be honest all the time right? Well, its not always that easy because we have unconscious desires, unconscious motivations unconscious biases. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you are not in tune with these

If we don’t say yes authentically

we say yes resentfully,

and that leads to far more problems

than if we had said no in the first places

Nat Lue

always mean what you say

  • So ask yourself

    • Where in your life do you feel you have to suppress yourself?
    • How would it be different if you were to tell the truth?
    • Do you have a safe place to write your most inner thoughts?
    • Do you have any secrets?
    • Can you build and respect boundaries with your loved ones?

Another note

  • I think chastity and non possessiveness go really well together to create a purity in your life. Conjure the image of your inner temple once more. Start to take note of details. What time of the day is it? Where is the door? Are you inside or outside? Find a comfortable spot within this vision. Keep adding details to your temple until you fade into the twilight state of savasana. Enjoy~~

Asteya non stealing

If you read a lot of yoga related material you’ll start to sense that no one wants to take credit for their own work! Why? Because they know they could never have done it alone. In Autobiography of a Yogi by yoganonda, for instance, he spends more time talking about the men who taught him, than anything he ever did himself!

I love this way of writing and reflecting–without having to be so self referential!

So i ask you, who has taught you? Who has helped you shape yourself to the person who you are? Do you give them credit? Or do you feel particularly individualist?

To the individualists in the room, I feel for you. I know you work really hard for what you’ve made for yourself, but did you do it in a vacuum?

Other side of the coin, what can you take credit for?

There is a balance, it is asteya

open your hands and offer what you can
bring the long edges of your pinkies together, open your hands, cup them slightly, in a gesture of good will

Pushpaputa the giving MUDRA – make a cup with you’re your pinky sides of your hands together and thumbs on the outside. giving is kind of the opposite of stealing

Think about these ideas:

    • Always cite your sources!!!
    • Who has inspired you?
    • Who has disgusted you?
    • Who has helped you along the way?
    • Who can help you walk your path?
    • Who can i give credit to, today?


Brahmacharya chastity

Mmmm you know that feeling when you get out of the wash, feeling so pure and clean, a load off your body right??

or clean sheets? Mmmm it feels so good to sleep in newly cleaned laundry

that’s the good stuff, so clean, so pure….



Yes, to live a respectable life you’re going to have to give some things up. BUMMER!

Putanjali never had sex. He was voluntarily celibate. This is the story passed down since the dawn of the sutras. It is suggested he chose to do this because he had this feeling deep in him, that if he engaged in carnal pleasures, he would lose his connection to the yoke which is yoga.

Definitely not an easy undertaking for a hot yoga guy from the 6000sBC if ya know what I mean.

A good modern example would be someone who decides never to drink because they saw their alcoholic parent passed out pathetic too many times. For everyone there is something deeply which tugs them and takes them away from inner peace.

For some people its work, for some people its sex, there are ons and ons of different things different people individually take on as their vice. Some more common than others.

How can I prevent abortion
Some people, even patanjali!!, prefer to abstain from sex. this graphic shows how the pro life boys in my life can keep themselves chaste ^_^

How are you Chaste, you slimy heathen, Royo?

My chastity is I will never carry a child in my womb. I’d never subject a child to my parenthood, since my childhood was sort of messed up. It is not my dharma, and so I give it up. Sad some days, but I never regret it. Just like Patanjali and his chaste body

For you it might be something really simple good luck figuring it out! A good example from our good friends at Royo, the Catholics, giving up a vice for lent. ( and for my friends in the hamtramck: FAT TUESDAY BABAY)

  • Some questions to reflect

    • What is something important to you which you can keep to yourself?
    • Have you ever given up a habit? How did it feel?
    • /what is one thing which, if you lost, you’d absolutely lose it? Consider why this may be
    • How does fear play into holding onto your vices?
    • When do you feel the most vulnerable to your vices? being aware can help ease things

Aparigraha non possessiveness

All the stuff you have. all the files you have. all the records and collections and things you have. everything could go away in an instant. To any of us.  At any time.

Luckily as I write this, everything is ok. take a moment for yourself, look around, notice you are safe.

ahhh you just experienced mindfulness ^_^

It doesn’t always feel so easy though. Right now there is a virus going around causing suffering to almost everyone whether they have gotten it or not. It is times like these where you realize how fragile everything is, and we go into survival mode

things which were easy to share before (uhhh toilet paper?) are closely hoarded.

families are being torn apart from ideology differences

No one will say hi on the sidewalk anymore

Ugh its such a lonely time! And I see the lonelier we get, the closer we hold our posessions closely


Examples of every day possessiveness I am guilty of

  1. Wanting to be right instead of happy
  2. Holding a grudge
  3. Withholding emotionally in fear of rejection
  4. Quitting when things get hard
aparigraha means non posessive, like this gift giving dragon
This dragon has been hoarding wealth for quite some time. yoga brought them to a point where they don’t need to sleep on gold, they can share their gifts without fear of losing!

Huh, I bet you thought I was going to talk about hoarding items like a dragon.

Well that’s also possessive, but as social creatures we like to play games with each other. Look at how many of those examples were games. Right or happy, keeping anger close, keeping distance, keeping myself from moving forward. A bunch of mind games.

When you have a strong emotional reaction next time, think about the game, or the dance you could even say, with your partner. What are we both hiding, what are we both holding at the cost of intimacy?

Oh boy I said the intimacy word better jump to some internet quote blocks:

“Seek out people, books or ideas that contradict your current beliefs and one of two things will happen

A) you will discover you are wrong

B) or you will imporve the arguments for your own ideas

Mark  Manson www.markmanson.net


seek out contridictions
Mark Manson is one of my MVP western self help book writers. he encompasses a lot of stoicism and open mindedness to end the suffering in our lives

If you are a giver, remember to learn your limits

because the takers don’t have any


know your limits

Here are some questions to leave you with:

    • What do you have to offer others?
    • Who is someone or what is something of which you feel you could never let go?

Yama conclusion

So now you know what the structural framework for living as a respectable person in your community, what next?

we need to put these concepts into practice
to review, we have
  1. Ahimsa – non violence

  2. Satya – honesty

  3. Asteya non stealing

  4. Brahmacharya – chastity

  5. Aparigraha – non possessiveness

how can you show up? How can you put these concepts into your daily life?

Have you tried living by the ideas of the yamas? let me know in the comments



Hello my lovely yoga enthusiasts, esoteric knowledge persuers, nerds, goofs, everyone else. How are you hope you are well. This month has been pretty awesome in terms of the work I’ve been progressing on. I have a class starting on Thursday which is woefully empty and I would love for you to come. I don’t post a lot of testimonials but the truth is, i see you all glowing after my classes. It is such a great thing to be able to help you get to that state of relaxation. If you’re resistant, its ok I still have some really cool stuff for you below 😉

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New blogs from July  

The benefits of yoga
the benefits of yoga include: better posture, increased strength, spinal health, complimentary to other sports, balance, blood circulation, distress tolerance, blood circulation, increase lung’s capacity, self reflection, self care, peace of mind, and de-stressing activity… among others!


The things standing in our way click here



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 Blog: Sun Salutation A instructions and a discussion on intuitive sequencing at home  click here

I’m reading dune right now (audio book) and its full of great quotes like this one


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I made a video talking about the yogi squat and how to use the stuff in your home to help you get there


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check out this link from around the web:

We had a cool discussion over on the royoyoga facebook group about this article which talks about the negative side effects of the western notion of mindfulness. what the author calls ‘McMindfulness.’ spoiler/tldr: its not the only step to a healthier interpersonal and emotional life, but it is a good one in combos! ha


The class advert

join my class
Yoga for self compassion

Click here for event details for class starting on this Thursday. If I get 6+ people I’ll add a meditation session. I’m going to record the classes so that you can watch them whenever, but its fun to schedule these kinds of things. So far I have one person for sure lol so tell ya friends yo. 


Goofy fun looking flow to try at home

  1. Virabhadasana 2 or warrior 2 
  2. Utthita parsvottanasana or side angle stretch 
  3. Virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2 
  4. On each side : its so important to do each side for these 

  relax for a while

  • Virabhadasana 1 
  •  parsvottanasana 
  • Virabhadrasana 1 with mudra 
  • Virabhadrasana 1 
  • On each side 


Then meditate or corpse pose savasana for 2 minutes, get up

  •   Warrior 2 
  • Side angle stretch 
  • Reverse Warrior 
  • Warrior 2 
  • Warrior 1 
  • Pyramid 
  • Warrior 1 with prayer 



Sun salutation A in twelve poses illustrated:

The Sanskrit first, then the English pose, then the directions:

Tadasana, or mountain pose.

It’s like standing up straight but BETTER. Feet together, pointing forward, push into your feet and feel your pelvis rise. Squeeze your quads and feel a nice bend in your knee. Lift your ribcage, roll your shoulders back and down with your fingers pushing into each other at your side

Utthita tadasana or mountain pose hands raised over head.

I like to sweep my hands out to the side, really pulling my arms away from each other, and shift my shoulders once my hands are at shoulder length so that I can keep sweeping up up up until they are reaching the sky, palms touchingi

Uttanasana or forward fold.

Please have a slight bend in the knees! Tilt with your pelvis keeping your spine long (in other words, let your chest lead the way rather than your head). Keep your shoulders plugged in and let your head hang. Let your hands come to somewhere supportive whether it be your thighs, knees, shins, or ground. It would also be nice to use some blocks instead of your knees.

Ardha Uttanasana or half way up monkey.

Come half way up, pushing into your shins with your fingers feeling the elongation of your spine, look down.

Kumbhakasana or plank.

To come into this position from forward fold by bending your knees generously and planting your hands onto the mat. Pointer finger should point to the front of your mat, and spread your fingers wide apart. Put your pressure on the knuckles to alleviate tension from your wrists.

 One leg at a time bring your feet back, standing tall on your toes and arms to hands. The aim is to make a straight line from the spine to the toes which you can do by tucking your tailbone slightly. If it feels easy you’re doing it wrong. 😛

Chuttarunga dandasana we just call this chuttarunga,

its like a plank but with your upper arm parallel to the ground. To get into this pose, first press your toes into the mat pushing your shoulders forward so that they are past your fingers. At this point, lower your torso with your elbows pointing behind you and right against your body.

If your elbows sprawl outward, you won’t work the right muscles in your shoulders to gain the strength for arm balancing poses later in your practice. NEVER SKIP THA CHUT!

Buhjangasana or Cobra pose.

Please come all the way down to the mat from chuttarunga dandasana and relax completely onto your belly as you exhale. Inhale and push your chest up, shoulders back by pressing your knuckles into the mat. Keep your pelvis glued to the mat, and keep a bend in your elbows despite how badly you want to straighten them completely. Exhale come all the way back down

Adho mukha svanasana  or Downward dog.

Tuck your toes under, start to bend your knees so that they press into the mat. On an inhale push up to the top of a pushup, and then inhale pushing your hips back and up by pushing into your knuckles. Roll your shoulders away from each other AND your forearms so that they are in line with your wrists. It might take you a while to get used to the feeling.

Bend your knees to help give you space to make a straight line from your wrists to your tailbone. Balance your wait from the front and behind to make it easier to stay in this pose. I teach 3 breaths in downward dog in a sun salutation.


After the 3 breaths here, breathe in bend your knees, and look forward. On an exhale, with your hands still on the mat, walk your feet to the front of the mat

Ardha uttanasana or Monkey

push into your shins, elongate your back, look down in this half forward fold

Uttanasana or forward fold,

just like before, tilt your pelvis forward fold as far as is comfortable for you and relax into his pose as you exhale

Utthita tadasana or mountain pose.

Tilt back up with your head leading first and with arms raised over head. Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

Tadasana mountain pose. Relax, take as many breaths here as you desire


Sun Salutation In English:

  1. Mountain
  2. Mountain arms raised
  3. Forward fold
  4. Monkey
  5. Plank
  6. Chutarunga
  7. Cobra
  8. Downward dog
  9. Monkey
  10. Forward fold
  11. Mountain arms raised
  12. Mountain


Intuitive sequencing on your own

Here is a sequence to continue after a few rounds of sun salutations.

they pair really well if you are looking for a full body wake up. Feel free to add or subtract any thing as well. When you practice at home, part of the joy is being in control of where your going a lot of the time. Kind of like ‘homework’ practice between classes at school. I encourage you to think outside of the studio box and let yourself explore without the guidance of a class or recording. If you do please let me know how it changes how you feel about yoga, ok? I’d like to hear if it makes  a difference for you, too.

  • Virabhadasana 2 or warrior 2
  • Utthita parsvottanasana or side angle stretch
  • Virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2
    • On each side : its so important to do each side for these

or maybe

  •  parsvottanasana
  • Virabhadrasana 1 with mudra
  • Virabhadrasana 1
    • On each side


Then meditate or corpse pose savasana

Next day start with sun salutations and mix and match a few different poses

  • Warrior 2
  • Side angle stretch
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Warrior 2


  • Warrior 1
  • Pyramid
  • Warrior 1 with prayer

Ok, well, i hope this entertained someone out there. Have fun, experiment, and have a nice day!

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spirit speak hanged man
Spirit Speak Hanged Man

10 Common Things Standing in Our Way from our future goals: why and what to do

Published July 25, 2021

Written by Rose Moore

 ~Yoga instructor, meditation guide, peer mental health support, artisan and tarot reader


What holds you back right now?

Maybe you feel ‘lazy’

Lazy is another word I find synonymous with two things: Depression and anxiety. Some people will say laziness is a character defect. Something not to aspire to. Something that puts people off. I agree of course not to aspire for laziness, but I have never met anyone who calls themselves lazy who didn’t have a lot going on inside their heads. In some cases, it is self-preservation, and others are fear based. Fear of failure, fear of losing something, perfectionism, fear of the cost are rather common. And some of these reasons stem from depression.


Fear is different than depression. When we are afraid, we are thinking about the future, about what COULD HAPPEN. How am I going to get hurt? How am I going to fail? How will I disappoint? How will I overcome?


I have heard that ‘laziness’ can also come from perfectionism. You are too hard on yourself to even start. That’s a tough pickle, but CBT guidance can help you learn when your thoughts are distorted like ‘I have to be perfect to start’ this book, the feel good handbook, is written by a doctor of psychology and is the only book you will need to learn the ins and outs of CBT on your own (affiliate link)



Depression on the other hand is past orientation and can become ball of self-preservation. We are slow, our energy is depleted, we can suffer from inflammation, and we do not want to do anything to help it. Surviving is hard enough for a depressed person, so how can they possibly go out and get it?


You need to shift your goals to your health. Depression might feel normal to you, but it is draining to your life. Some people are able to thrive with depression, but it comes at a price. So please take care of yourself you can do this by:


  • Journaling
  • Doodling and coloring
  • Enjoy yourself even if you’re doing ‘nothing’
  • Learning cbt skills
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Picking something to look forward to (in the past when I was most depressed I would be able to make it if I knew there was a book coming out soon or something)
  • Drinking enough water
  • Look online for free mental health resources
  • Find a therapist if it is within your means


Sequence based on the devil from the lisa frank tarot deck
Sequence based on the Devil card from the Lisa Frank tarot deck



Maybe self-control because you know what you want is destructive?

Drugs, sex, rock and roll. It is the Christmas list to the self of my twenties. I spent so much time doing exactly what I wanted, I neglected to ask myself, ‘well is this going to help me with my goals? Does it even make me happy?’ of course not, I didn’t even have goals! Networking became a hell of a time, getting drunk at galleries and telling women I met in the bathroom how they “are my best friends.”


Did this get me anywhere? No. Was it a hell of a lot of fun and something I do not regret? Well, yea of course. But the party did not last forever. I had been avoiding the real work I needed to do to become a fully actualized person.


I gave myself a personal evaluation when I turned 30. At a New Years party, I took a single shot of alcohol and projectile vomited on my friend’s date. I could not deny how destructive this was and I knew I had to change. The guy was nice about it when he should have left! I was only able to get the self-control to stop when I said goodbye to my alcoholic friends and got serious therapeutic help.


If you know what you want is destructive there are several steps to stop. I used a diet as example because people do it all the time, if you are trying to eat healthy work with your doc or a nutritionist! Anyway here are the steps from the The Transtheoretical Model Stages of Change


  1. Pre contemplation – this is where you are starting to feel the negative effects of your habit
  2. Contemplation – this is when you can identify the negative effects and how they are affecting you
  3. Preparation – this is when you say ‘I will start my diet tomorrow’
  4. Action – this is when you start your diet
  5. Continued effort – this is the rest of your life, my friend!
  6. Or you end up back in the precontemplation stage and go through it again like a samskara




Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want and its hard to focus?

black and white 4 panel asana photo
Some poses I love most without focus

Instead of saying to yourself ‘jee what do I want to do when I grow up?’ and daydreaming about the things you are deciding to cut from the list, look at this book


I agree with her system and I use it for myself about once a year to see how things are going. She does not ask you what you want, instead she asks you to think about what it is you value:


  • What do you love?
  • What gets you going?
  • What makes you feel unloaded?
  • What sparks your creativity?
  • What turns you on?
  • What disgusts you?
  • What could you live without? What couldn’t you?


The second half of the book is tons of exercises with questions like these. Instead of focusing in on a goal, you focus on what your values are. Once you have a concrete idea of what it is you value in the world, you will have a narrower focus on what it is you want. It’s a great first step for someone who feels lost to the ocean of opportunity.


My second recommendation, at the point where you have an idea of what you want, is to close your eyes, turn inward into meditation, and then take a few minutes to visualize your life not during the journey but when you get to exactly where you want.


  • What does it look like?
  • Where are you?
  • What does it smell like?
  • Who is there?
  • What objects are around you?
  • What are the textures around you?
  • Where is the sun?


As you ask yourself these things try to imagine them. The more questions you ask like this, the stronger your vision will become. At this point you may be asking if I am referring to the law of attraction. Sort of, yes, but without the mysticism.


I think the law of attraction works mostly because it helps you identify what it is you are willing to go out on a limb for. By looking to the end goal and giving it a proper visualization you can focus in on the main things which are important to you and start to work on those things.


For instance if you want to attract a car, you will probably need to know how to drive. Visualize being able to drive and you’ll likely be less scared to take the driving test.


This lady describes the process seamlessly in ten minutes about how she found the perfect real estate for her fitness studio. It’s really cool and helped me with accepting this practice as more than a bunch of wishes to Santa.

Overloaded with responsibilities?

warrior 1 2 3 illustration
Virabhadrasana in his 3 asana forms

Advice for the helpers

Moms, I am looking at you. Service workers I’m looking at you. Nurses? I’m looking at you too. Single provider for family? Always being the person to reset the router…? It’s all some tough stuff when it comes to moving forward because someone is counting on you.


Well for one, people in the first category I’m looking at you. You know what it is called when you finish the sentence ‘I am (insert title)?’


That’s your ego my friend! It is not an insult to say, ‘that’s your ego.’ Instead, I refer to it as the way you describe yourself and define yourself. We all do it, its part of humanity. For example, when I hear a friend say, ‘I can’t, I’m a mother, I need to take care of them first,’ I hear my friends ego identifying with motherhood.


But she is not just a mother. By her hyper focus on motherhood, she is denying herself other facets of her inner world. To be nothing more than a mother will drive you crazy and your kids will think you’re boring at some point jk jk jk. So, if you are a person who takes care of others at your own expense the answer is easy.


Prioritize yourself.


Follow through with prioritizing yourself. It is important to fill your own cup before you can serve others and it will only happen if you consider yourself one of your clients. Easier said than done I know.


For those who have societal burdens

Maybe you do not have other people to look out for you and have to do everything by yourself? Maybe because of student debt? Because of a felony? Because your house burned down? Because you must take 3 buses to work on the other side of town? Because of prejudice in your community?


It is all A LOT. We did not choose the era to be born in, this is the sandbox we were tossed into.

The pressure of modern life is soul crushing for most people in my country unless you are afforded luxuries like a good public education. How can we overcome societies heavy pressure?

For those of you with looming burden finding a goal is the most important thing. Viktor Frankl says in Mans search for meaning,

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run—in the long-run, I say!—success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it”


Maybe what you want looks so out of reach its unreasonable?

Hey you, do you also want to go to the moon? It’s been a dream of mine since I was little. I would look outside in the night sky and if I saw a satellite I would yell ‘please, aliens, take me with you!!’ Ok I still do that but I can identify satellites now, so it’s less magical.


 I was watching the news recently and saw that one man decided to go to the moon and lifted off the other day! He is the richest man in the world due to his ingenuity, luck and resourcefulness. It must have been weird to become the richest man in the world. I was talking to a friend recently about how its hard to even imagine having that much money.


Most of us never will. If you do, hey send me a tip via cashapp! $royoyoga Hehe


A lot of dreams are far off reach unless you also have the same kind of resourcefulness. But the reality is most of us don’t seriously dream about going to the moon.


We can find reasonable goals by dreaming about having abundance, about living according to our dharma, we’ll be more equipped to do the actual work.


Icarus wanted to fly as high into the atmosphere as he could, but he couldn’t handle the heat of being so close to the sun. We don’t have to fly to the sun to find happiness or meaning.


For you I would suggest using SMART goals


  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Relavent
  5. Time bound


It helps!




Risks are hard and you don’t want to deal with the prospect of losing something?

I am not a gambling woman, despite having four aces tattooed onto my left foot. Risks scare me especially to put a lot of money on the line. To lose a lot of money to me is to lose a lot of security. I hold the stuff close, I’m a squirrel.


It’s easy for me to see why you wouldn’t want to make the risk.


If this is the case, guess what, there are easy ways to get what you want that won’t potentially hurt you, did you know that?


There are boring ways to get to the point where you want to be. They aren’t quick, they aren’t exciting, but they do the job.

Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Go the boring way. When the subject of the lottery comes up I tell people, ‘whenever I have the desire to buy a lottery ticket I put a 1$ bill into a box and at the end of the year I have a nest egg. This is more than most people will ever make from playing the lottery.


But its boring. And its not an exciting amount of money. The only thing you lost was the thrill of anticipation and the blow of losing.



 When you go through all the boring avenues to get where you want to be, you may also have a better appreciation of where you end up. Many people who win the lottery end up sad, depressed, and even broke again at some point! It is a difficult transition to have such a significant lifestyle change so quickly.




Is there something you don’t want to lose? Go the boring way


You unconsciously want to stay where you are

Rose in deep meditation

Heres the thing about holding yourself back, it can feel good. It is nice to be the big fish in a small pond. It is nice to feel cozy all the while ignoring the hard stuff it would take to change.  A lot of people won’t tell you that part. It is the easy way not just because you don’t have to do anything, but because you already know how to do it.


To this I would say, please take a moment to appreciate where you are. This is the time for a moment of gratitude. Be grateful for all the things you have achieved because you are where you want to be.


You don’t have to climb a mountain to be happy. Don’t beat yourself up because you hear societies call for ‘the bigger the better the ladder climber’ philosophy.


Winnie the Pooh is a great toaist who loves to stay still. Get inspired on how to chill with the tao of pooh. It was one of my first world religions study guide back in university and its cute too.



Maybe you would say simply, ‘myself’ and none of the above seem quite right

This was the most common answer. What is holding you back? “Myself.” One word. I hear depression in this sentiment which is my own projection. For me when I say myself, there is a ‘should’ in the statement. How can I make myself get out of my way? If ever you end up saying should, by the way, its something you’re shaming yourself about. ‘I should do this I should do that,’ no, you are doing what you need to be doing in the moment.


I don’t even know what to say to this one though, because the more time I take to empathize with this statement the more reasons I can think of for why someone would answer this way:


  1. It’s a cop out to answering the question because of course it has to do with you, its your own life
  2. you take a lot of personal responsibility for where your life takes you.
  3. you see yourself as a hurdle towards your pursuits
  4. You are mindfully deciding you do not want to go forward, you want to stay where you are
  5. You unconsciously want to stay where you are
  6. ?????
part of my collection of decks
lots of cards to represent lots of reasons!!!

In the the case of A, I like the cut of your jib, partner. Thanks for the engagement. Tip of the hat to you~


In the case of B, Maybe you are too hard on yourself, maybe a perfectionist. may I remind you that this world is full of chaos, things are legitimately random, and you don’t have control of everything in your life. You have no idea what is going to come across, you tomorrow you can’t be ready for everything. Reframe your ‘I stand in my way,’ to ‘I lead the ship I’m just docked right now, ok.’


In the case of C, you are the hurdle as much as you are the jumper. This is the yin and yang of life.


  1. D) nothing wrong with settling as long as it doesn’t make you feel empty some how! Glad you got to where you want to be, enjoy the view. You don’t have to feel bad about it.




You mistake what is in your control and what is out of your control

Because looking outward to the things you cannot control is going to drive you crazy*

My dog barks at the mail man every day as if this is the day the mail man will listen. How dare the mail man come so close to my door? This happens every single day.


She is mistaking what is in and out of her control. My dog does this a lot.


A lot of idealists want a world which is very different from the gritty ugly complicated world that is our sandbox. I was one of them once, though I’ve fermented in my years of paying attention.


I want to yell to you idealists ‘it isn’t worth it! It won’t change! It’s bigger than you or I! Try to be happy despite it all~’


But you can’t hear it from me, you must realize it yourself. I sure had to realize it. I went nearly insane hoping and campaigning for a reasonable future only to have the rug pulled from under me by the chaotic complicated world I live in.

(a great article which helped me create this next section)

Sanity came from giving up hope that I can change the world. It helped me realize what indeed I do have control over, versus the things I WISH I had control over.

“The wise who control their body, who control their tongue, the wise who control their mind, are indeed well controlled.” (Verse 234, )  



Chapter XVII of the Dhammapada (ref. Max Muller’s Wisdom of the Buddha) compiles the teachings of the Buddha and his monastic community on the topic of restraining and dealing with anger:


Anyway here is a list of things you can control

  • Your breath
  • Your inner thoughts
  • Your speed
  • Your belief system
  • Your values
  • Life needs: Drinking enough water, sleep patterns, exercise
  • The way you react
  • The actions you take
  • Letting go of control, acceptance
  • The media you choose to consume
  • What you let other people know (who you confide in)
  • How you present yourself



What is out of your control?

  • How others respond
  • How you are perceived
  • Other peoples belief systems
  • Other peoples values
  • The way others react
  • How others take care of themselves
  • What media is produced
  • What other people confide in you
  • Other people’s lifestyles




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uttanasana is good for spellcraft

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