Tonight is the new moon, does anyone have any good plans? On the new moon I always take a ritual bath under the light of nothing but the stars.

The new moon is when I take the time to make new intentions for the next moon phase. Whether you believe that the moon helps with your energy in a spiritual way, or if you simply like to re evaluate your goals once a month as a secular self care practice. Its a good way to remember and keep up with your current priorities.

During the last moon phase a lot happened in my life. I graduated my Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour, I started selling registrations for my Wild Self Love Yoga Workshop, I started this website. It was really hard some days, but those fears are understandable so I am giving myself a break for my emotional moments.

That was so last moon phase though, am I right?

I implore you to consider these questions as you go through this wonderful sequence I created to honor this time of the month:

What can I do in the next two weeks to make my life full of fire and passion?

What kind of things am I passionate about?

What is stopping me?


We are moving into the season of Leo. Perfect time to think about the people and things you love.


Ok time to get on the mat, here is my New Moon Yoga Sequence for this month:



  1. Tadasana

    1. Tadasana
      Tadasana, Mountain Pose
  2. Sun Salutaion A

    1. Extra breath during plank

    2. forward bend
      tilt forward with the pelvis
      Monkey Pose
      Come half way up, find your cobra
      Step back into Plank, hold for an extra breath
      pushing forwa
      Push forward on your toes so that your shoulders are past your wrists, and then come down elbows squeezing against your torso
      Push into your knuckles sending your chest up and shoulders back. tuck your chin slightly, keep elbows bent
      Downward Facing Dog
      Push back into downward facing dog, being mindful to push with the knuckles, roll your shoulders away from each other, and bend the knees for easier form.


  3. Anjanaeasana kneeling warrior

    1. hands at hips

    2. Kneeling warrior
      From downward dog, bring your right foot through to between your arms, rise up with the power of your abs, push forward with your knee so that it is right on top of the ankle, find a neutral pelvis
  4. ½ splits

    1. Mudra hands

    2. Half splits
      straighten your leg from kneeling warrior and reach forward with your hands and torso, arch your tailbone slightly
  5. Kneeling warrior (see above)

  6. Crescent warrior

    1. crescent warrior
      Lift your leg off the ground, steady on your toes
  7. Warrior 2

    1. Warrior 2
      Bring your back foot onto its knife edge, bend your knee and face your torso towards the side of your mat
  8. Extended triangle

    1. Extended Triangle
      Reach forward keeping your chest facing the front of the mat. bring your bottom hand to your shin and your top hand up straight into the sky
  9. Warrior 2 (see above

  10. Kneeling warrior (see above)

  11. DD (see above)

  12.  Repeat 3-9 on the other side

  13. Warrior 1

    1. Hands up and behind

    2. Warrior 1
      Step back from Tadasana about 3 feet, close your hips off by bringing your front hip back and your back hip forward. stand feet about a foot apart. raise your hands into the air, tuck your tailbone slightly
  14.  Warrior 3

    1. virabhadrasana 3
      From warrior 1, shift your weight onto your front leg, lift your back leg off the ground bringing your foot up as you come down with your torso, making a straight line from your fingertips to your toes
  15.  ½ Moon Tongue out

    1. Half moon Tongue Out
      From Warrior 3, hold onto something sturdy with your hand from the same side as your front foot. twit your chest open and to the side, and then raise your back foot so that your hips are stacked and your foot reaches out behind you.
  16.  Warrior 1 (see above)

  17. Tadasana

  18. Repeat 14-18 on your other side


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