Hello my lovely yoga enthusiasts, esoteric knowledge persuers, nerds, goofs, everyone else. How are you hope you are well. This month has been pretty awesome in terms of the work I’ve been progressing on. I have a class starting on Thursday which is woefully empty and I would love for you to come. I don’t post a lot of testimonials but the truth is, i see you all glowing after my classes. It is such a great thing to be able to help you get to that state of relaxation. If you’re resistant, its ok I still have some really cool stuff for you below 😉

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The benefits of yoga
the benefits of yoga include: better posture, increased strength, spinal health, complimentary to other sports, balance, blood circulation, distress tolerance, blood circulation, increase lung’s capacity, self reflection, self care, peace of mind, and de-stressing activity… among others!


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 Blog: Sun Salutation A instructions and a discussion on intuitive sequencing at home  click here

I’m reading dune right now (audio book) and its full of great quotes like this one


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I made a video talking about the yogi squat and how to use the stuff in your home to help you get there


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We had a cool discussion over on the royoyoga facebook group about this article which talks about the negative side effects of the western notion of mindfulness. what the author calls ‘McMindfulness.’ spoiler/tldr: its not the only step to a healthier interpersonal and emotional life, but it is a good one in combos! ha


The class advert

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Yoga for self compassion

Click here for event details for class starting on this Thursday. If I get 6+ people I’ll add a meditation session. I’m going to record the classes so that you can watch them whenever, but its fun to schedule these kinds of things. So far I have one person for sure lol so tell ya friends yo. 


Goofy fun looking flow to try at home

  1. Virabhadasana 2 or warrior 2 
  2. Utthita parsvottanasana or side angle stretch 
  3. Virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2 
  4. On each side : its so important to do each side for these 

  relax for a while

  • Virabhadasana 1 
  •  parsvottanasana 
  • Virabhadrasana 1 with mudra 
  • Virabhadrasana 1 
  • On each side 


Then meditate or corpse pose savasana for 2 minutes, get up

  •   Warrior 2 
  • Side angle stretch 
  • Reverse Warrior 
  • Warrior 2 
  • Warrior 1 
  • Pyramid 
  • Warrior 1 with prayer