Guess what dear readers, I have Royo Yoga merchandise. I have a mug with the OG logo, custom blend incense, and custom bath salts which I am offering to YOU for FREE today!!!! 

What, why are you giving all of this away, Rose?? 

I am creating an email list for your convenience.

I love my Facebook group, but have you noticed the times-lines are increasingly

  • less positive?

  • more confrontational?

  • Less personal?

  • More spammy? 

It is tiring! So, I have created a plan.  

Rather than checking in on Facebook, you can simply open your email and get a week’s worth of updates from the Royo Yoga Facebook group in one email. You will not miss anything and a link will be added to a weekly discussion thread exclusive to Royo Yoga facebook members

If you are interested in keeping up with Royo Yoga blogs, musings, research findings, upcoming classes, yoga tips and well curated resources from all over my internet explorations sign up today! 

It is simple:  

click the link, type in your name and email list, and wait until June 20, 2021

The winner will be announced in a Royo Yoga email so remember to check!  

To enter click the link in my bio.  


Changing your beliefs to serve you changes your life and some people don’t see the value.  Is it worth taking a chance to start believing things which serve you rather than hurt you???

yoga seated stretch
veiled woman dipping foot in water


 The first-place

winner will receive

  • Free spot for the 2021 Inner Knowledge 4-week Beginner series

  • 1 combo package of branded incense and bath salts 

  • Inner Knowledge Ebook

  • *** All together a value of 200$USD ***

 second & third place prizes

* A second winner will be selected to win a spot for the 2021 Inner Knowledge Beginner 4-week series. 

* Two more winners will win a 3 card tarot reading 

Everyone who enters

  • And everyone who enters will get a free copy of my Inner Knowledge E book 

 Simply enter your name, email, and any comments you would like below to join the Royo Yoga newsletter and enter for a chance to win the Royo Yogs Sweepstakes 

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