“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life”

– Marie Kondo


RoyoYoga mug

Working with Galaxy Crafts, I’ve been able to start making mugs. This 12 oz cup is a small  batch first edition mug, with the RoyoYoga ORIGINAL logo. Who knows how long that will last, will you be able to say you’ve got a first edition? for 25$ it’s yours

Hand made incense

Deepen your meditation practice with personally styled blends of herbs for your perfect private practice. I may have a few available on demand, but I can also craft specialty blends for a ritual, to cleanse your house, meditation for any occasion

 Ritual bath salts

I have been advocating a weekly bath in everyone’s self care routine since forever. Now you can soak the way I do. After years of trial and error I’ve created the most decadent, luscious, silky skin Epsom salt bath. with commercial grade jojoba oil, essential oils, herbs, Himalayan and Epsom salt. Seasonal varieties available.