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Zine: issue 1 July 29, 2021

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uttanasana is good for spellcraft

  • My july class, yamas and niyamas for a beginner yoga student starts july 1, and will be hosted Thursdays at 8PM EST via my private zoom room. please message me if you are interested, its 30$ me/royoyogaco type July Yoga in the comment
  • August i will be repeating the wild self love yoga crash series which was widely regarded as a great time. it will be four weeks meeting 3x a week once for a meditation, once for a short discussion or hay hello, and once for yoga asana. it a lot of self care  90$ me/royoyogaco type wild self love into the comments

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    • Journal prompts |
    • PranaYama 9 minute|
      • breathing exercise for nerves via Facebook | Royoyoga
    • Tutorial | Royo via YogaFacebook /
      • I show you how to make a summer wreath with the weeds in your back yard!!
    • Meditation 20 min| Royo recorded on Facebook
      • chakra clearing and higher vibrations with visualization
    • Article | Modesty, modernity, yoga and business
      • A reflection on the relationship between photography, yoga as a business, and personal values Blog | RoYo Yoga
    • Yoga Class:
      • bravery in 20 minutes with this mantras: “who am I? I am brave I am strong, I am peaceful I am peaceful I am peaceful, I am kind, I am a super hero” recorded on Facebook

From around the web: Cool thing from around the net:

where your mind’s eye meets your real eye

I stumbled across this study and tried it out. Do you have a high or low capacity for hallucinations in a controlled setting? Now you can test yourself in the privacy of your own home. I turned the lights out, put headphones on and watched this screen for ten minutes and woah boy did I see some stuff. Its cool, and it seems like 80% of people will see something whether it’s a simple shape or detailed images.

The Ganzflicker used for the study can be accessed online but you shouldn’t try it if you have epilepsy.

A warning on the page states: “Do not click the following link if you have photosensitive epilepsy!!

“If you do not have epilepsy but the Ganzflicker is highly unpleasant for you, you are not obligated to continue.”

CITATIONS: The Ganzflicker experience: High probability of seeing vivid and complex pseudo-hallucinations with imagery but not aphantasia – ScienceDirect

THE TEST: Ganzflicker Experience (

  • Bravery sequence in photo


I love planking. I’m not a cardio girl I am slow and still. Can anyone relate?? Walking, wandering, sitting in meditation. that’s easy. as much as id like to be a spark of electricity, I’m more a slow lazy river.. Planking tho? It’s the slow and still exercise that keeps mula banda strong.

It makes the times I need to run easier too. Because it tones soooo many parts of your body.

Has anyone seen pitch perfect? The blonde woman planks while she’s studying. When I saw that I was like ok this is an exercise I can do

plank your way to core strength
did you know?
planking for a few minutes a day will make you feel like you’ve exercised. NICE

From my practice:

I’ve been trying to get my back twisty heres where I’m at. Eric took these pictures. They are for the group only.. cant get comfortable with Instagram I don’t like using my body for advertising (it’s weird) but there’s only a few if you here so. Enjoy: the only way I can feel comfortable is depicted in the pictures below.

Anyway. Aren’t they cool? Check it out no filter






The winners from my sweepstakes were drawn on June 22, 2021

they  are as follows:

1 Heather H

  1. Lisa W

  2. Taylor T

  3. Kia Christmas

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated in my opening ceramony ‘spirit week.’ it was fun. 



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Hello and thank you for subscribing to the Royo email zine.

Right now it is going to look a little rough around the edges but It is going to be something really special. I’m essentially going to give you access from one place the entirety of my monthly original content several times a month. Articles, art, music, live yoga classes, meditations, journal prompts, tarot and popular psychology will be on the regular.

One of my side projects, alongside teaching yoga within Royo Yoga LLC. Is to create a magazine all about yoga from my inquisitive, nerdy, obsessive inner self. Consider this an evolution from my daily tips and tricks on the Royo Yoga Facebook Group. This idea came from my facebook metrics, along with some snooping around the internet at sites like patreon. I noticed the people who wanted to see my content were not, and my engagement was going down… or worse, the lowest common denominator posts were the most likely to have been seen. Facebook wanted me to spend money to let you, dear reader, see Royo Yoga at all.

All the scrolling we do on these sites makes us the product, and the advertisers the consumers. Think about that. The longer we spend scrolling, the longer they keep your attentions ad after ad after sponsored content. I’m not all about that, and I’d really like to see old style print niche magazine with my point of view through the lenses of yogi philosophy (an a little humor).  

I welcome writers, merchants, teachers, illustrators, enthusiasts, social workers, etc etc etc to contact me if you would like to collaborate and be featured on Royo zine. Living a collaborative lifestyle is going to help us keep our small cottage businesses alive. Links to outside sources will be labeled sponsored or not sponsored. Transparency is valuable.

Eventually I would like to hit print copies of this zine and bind them myself. QR codes, printed articles, gorgeous artwork… I’m dreaming can you see it in my future?

This zine will be available on my website as pdfs to view if you want to print it out yourself for now.




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