by Rose Moore

August 2, 2020


Hello my lovelies. I am trying something new today for everyone on my royoyoga facebook page.

Do you remember Lisa Frank  ? With dolphins, bananas, out of this world pandas and kitten princesses? I grew up in the ’90s and at the height of Lisa Frank’s career. I had stickers, my friends had trapper keepers; basically we were all blinged out from head to toe with gaudy images smiling back at us. the style was iconic, and the brand has survived to this day. 

Lisa herself was an eccentric lady. Her house was head to toe dripping with her flashy designs but she would never let anyone in. The mystery of her interior was a great mystery to me as a middle schooler. 

What I like most is how positive her message was, and how clearly it delivered. Absolutely NO  subtlety! You know what IS subtle? The tarot!

The tarot imagery and symbolism can be difficult to discern at times, and often a week or so after a reading I will have people message me and say, “Ok now it makes sense.” With Lisa Frank, what you see is literally what you get. So when I found out that there was a Lisa Frank Tarot deck floating around on the internet, of course I had to have it. 

The deck is only the major arcana, which are the first 22 cards in the Tarot. If you listen to me often you may have heard me call these the ‘fate cards.’ I am not sure about the reality of fate, but when I pull a major arcana card one thing is for sure: It is an important moment in your life. Sometimes these messages are hard to swallow, and the goofy pineapple with sunglasses filters the message with a distinctly ’90s, gaudy optimism. 

This all leads to me now, a yoga instructor RYT200. I am not a regular yogi. This is a fact people continue to point out to me in the most endearing way. My tarot inspires my yoga, and my yoga inspires my tarot. It’s fun 😀

Today I asked everyone in the Royo Yoga facebook group to pick a card, you may as well right here:


back side 3 cards lisa frank

What did you pick? Tell me tell me tell me!!! Here is the results:

Lisa Frank Fortunes

Top left is the hermit
Top right is the devil Bottom is death

But I’m not going to just leave you with that!!! Check out these quick 10 minute Asana Sequences I constructed based on the cards you picked

The hermit:

Your pocket fortune: Picking this card means you must draw your energy inward. Do something alone. Meditate. Take a walk, and or a bubble bath.

Sequence based on the Hermit card from the Lisa Frank tarot deck


  • Lotus 
  • Balasana Childs pose 
  • Malasana Yogi Squat
  • Savasana Corpse pose


The devil:

Your pocket fortune: Its ok, I know you want to. Picking this card means you should indulge in your desires today

Sequence based on the devil from the lisa frank tarot deck
Sequence based on the Devil card from the Lisa Frank tarot deck


  • Marjaryasana and bitilisana Cat/Cow
  • Sphynx pose
  • Camel
  • Corpse pose


Your pocket fortune: You are in need of a ego check. Murder your ego for today and find peace within

A sequence based on the lisa frank tarot deck
Sequence based on the death card from the Lisa Frank tarot deck


  • Virabadrasana Warrior 1
  • Virabadrasana Warrior 2
  • Virabadrasana Warrior 3
  • Corpse pose


I hope you enjoyed this little exercise. It was fun to create, and there will more in the future. I’m always looking for inspiration in all areas of my life which can be translated into yoga. Yoga is more than physical exercise for me. It’s a way for my mind body and soul to connect. 

Lets just say, my soul can’t get enough of Lisa Frank!

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Peace, love, namaste