Safe Place Meditation

Hi everybody thank you for joining me for my 20 minute guided meditation.

Today i’m going to provide a safe place meditation to help with anxiety.

I didn’t come up with this idea, I was in community college when I had test anxiety. I went to one of the social workers there and I saw a hypnotist. I’m not going to hypnotize you here, but I am going to show you the guided meditation exercise that we went through during session. The purpose for my time was to help with test anxiety, but it can be used for any form of anxiety which is ailing you. 

Gyan Mudra
Gyan mudra also known as the knowledge mudra


The meditation includes a mudra, a hand gesture of symbolic meaning, as seen in the picture above. The counselor I went to didn’t call it a mudra when I went through this meditation, he called it some western psychological term.

In sanskrit, an ancient language spoken in India thousands of years ago, it is called the Gyan Mudra otherwise known as the mudra of knowledge.  It’s very simple, bring your pointer finger to your thumb once you pass through the door of imagination into your safe place.

It helps if you have a safe place in mind. So ask yourself:

Where is a place you would like to go?

Where have you spent your happiest hour?

A real place is a good choice to pick for a first time because you’re already familiar with a lot of the details, making your imagination work a little less hard for a little more detailed lushness to your experience.

I have several places I go. A beach, a forest, an island in northern Ontario to name a few. For some funny reason, I don’t tend to have the imagination for a places that inside a building. Its always the vast backdrops of nature which fill me with serenity in my safe place meditation.


Where did you go? I’m excited to find out. Let me know! you can follow me on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and in my private facebook group  where you’ll get to see all the goodies i give my members for free. 

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I hope you enjoyed this free guided meditation. Peace and love