Tarot Readings

3 card reading

Have a specific question and need insight? a 3 card reading could be perfect for you for Questions like

past present future

physical emotional spiritual

pros & cons 

will they ask me out?

Full tarot spread

Have you been having a heck of a time and want to sort out your thoughts? a full card tarot spread is great for a deep dive into your unconscious. Questions like

Whats got me depressed?

Big changes in your life

birthday readings


3 month package

Have you been noticing patterns in your life but they don’t make sense to you? A 3 month tarot package includes 3 readings, notes, and reflection on what was right or wrong in past readings. great for journal prompts and deep reflection

help with periods of transition

mindfully connect the dots over 3 months of reflection


For the extrovert, the party planner, the host, or the designated office holiday party planner? A tarot party is a great way to give each of your guests the center of attention. This light hearted exercise can help with team building and build unforgettable memories

1 to 3 cards per person 

fun fortunes

I read the audience for discomfort and I don’t get too personal

Tarot deck option - illuminated

tarot deck option - cat

tarot deck option - dali

tarot deck option - affirmators

tarot deck option - game of thrones

tarot deck option - kawaii

tarot deck option - lumina

Tarot deck option - neo

tarot deck option - rider waite

tarot deck option - slutist

tarot deck option - spirit speak

tarot deck option - tattoo

please choose 3 times you are available
please choose 3 times you are available
please choose 3 times you are available
If you have a topic you'd like to concentrate on, write a note here. If you are inquiring about a party, please write the expected guest list, and area (online or metro detroit)