Yamas: The Yoga Guide to an Amazing Social Life

Written by Rose Moore

September 21, 2021


Yamas are the way you can be a respectable person in your community. Yoga is not an isolationist conquest, meaning* we will still live in a society. Because people can be capricious,* these are the easiest guidelines to make the least trouble in your social life. Not only that, it is a recipe to gain the respect of your colleagues, peers, family, and friends.


In the 8 limb path of yoga, yamas are said to be the easiest branch to start your practice of yoga. Wonder why?  I think it is because humans are hardwired to generally be social creatures. The first outcomes of yama integrity can be immediate, at the slightest smile or the biggest gesture of bonding you can think of.

So how do you become the most trusted person in town?

There are 5 yamas

Some values are universal, I believe these are examples of integrity along all cultures. We may disagree in what ways or regards, but we all would be healthy to strive for:

  1.  Ahimsa – non violence

  2. Satya – honesty

  3. Asteya non stealing

  4. Brahmacharya – chastity

  5. Aparigraha – non possessiveness


Yama momma, yama llama, yama-bff

Here are some rad quotes about the yamas and niyamas for all of you quote collectors:

“The Yamas & Niyamas are the foundation of skillful living. [They] are like a detailed map, telling you where you are and how to look for the next landmark. The Yamas and Niyamas free you to take ownership of your life and direct it towards the fulfillment you seek. Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought and action may be the grandest adventure you can choose” – Deborah Adele

deepok chopra:

        “All spiritual and religious traditions encourage people to live ethical lives. Yoga agrees but concedes that living a life in perfect harmony with your environment is difficult from the level of morality—through a prescribed set of “shoulds” and “should-nots.” Patanjali, describes the yamas as the spontaneously evolutionary behavior of an enlightened being… We see[niyamas] as the qualities naturally expressed in an evolutionary personality… Again, these qualities do not arise by making a mood of moral self-righteousness, but they emerge as aresult of a person living a natural, balanced life… Like ideal social conduct, evolutionary personal qualities derive from your connection to spirit” – Deepak Chopra & David Simon, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga © 2004 pgs 32 & 36


Ahimsa, or Non Violence

Poses to try: Heros pose, childs pose, forward fold

Hero pose, be your own hero
Hero pose, or virasana. stand tall on your knees, curl your toes under, and bring your sitting bones to your heals so that your pelvis is neutral. Raise your rib cage, relax your shoulders back, bring your hands to your knees with pointer finger to thumb
Hang loose in a forward fold
stand tall in tadasana, bend your knees slightly, hinge at your pelvis so that your chest comes forward and then down, making sure to keep your shoulders rolled back in space to give your neck space.
childs pose balasana to comfort yourself
Childs pose, balasana: from a table top position bring your legs as wide as the mat, feet touching. crawl with your hands foward bringing your forehead to the mat. breathe, relax, there is nothing to fear

Ok so there are two types of violence.

Violence towards others


violence towards yourself.

These are separate ideas however if you stop beating yourself up you will  have a better time finding non violence towards others.

I don’t want you to beat yourself up. It is so normal, so common, and so painful.

It is also painful to beat someone else up.

Being non violent is hard, by the way. Not reacting to negativity, when it really feels like the best thing to do, its hard!

ok heres where i’m going to rant a moment, if you don’t want my petty take scroll down to the next block quote: This is the most internet policed yama. It is easy to make judgements online about how other people act, how other people talk, how other people other people other people. If you go onto any yoga group on social media you will at some point here ‘AHIMSA!! HOW DARE YOU USE THAT WORD(whatever you happen to have said) YOU ARE BEING VIOLENT BY TALKING THE WAY YOU DO YOU MIGHT HURT SOMEONE.’ Can you tell I spend a lot of time online???

Anyway, This point of view, if you’ve ever encountered it, can feel like fingers are being pointed at you, even if you are speaking in honesty which is another one of these yamas. You can never know if someone is going to take your truth and feel hurt.

Disagreement is not violence, but it can lead to violence.

darkness cannot drive out darkness
Martin Luther King was a modern day yogi in my opnion. He preached for unity, love, forgiveness, and if you listen really carefully… he embodied yoga philosophy.. in my opinion!
Darkness cannot drive out darkness
only light can do that
hate cannot drive out hate
only love can do that
Martin Luther King JR.


  • Some questions for reflection:

    • How do I beat myself up?
    • How can I spread peace?
    • How can I forgive?
    •  How do you beat other people up? why?

Satya or honesty

Satya, or honesty, means being honest with yourself. This mudra, the dhyanna mudra, calms the mind and lets all of the static thoughts fade away. A common posture for meditation. try it somet time!

Dyani mudra: with your four fingers together, bring your left hand to you lap, right hand rests on top. Touch your thumbs together

How simple right? Just be honest all the time right? Well, its not always that easy because we have unconscious desires, unconscious motivations unconscious biases. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you are not in tune with these

If we don’t say yes authentically

we say yes resentfully,

and that leads to far more problems

than if we had said no in the first places

Nat Lue

always mean what you say

  • So ask yourself

    • Where in your life do you feel you have to suppress yourself?
    • How would it be different if you were to tell the truth?
    • Do you have a safe place to write your most inner thoughts?
    • Do you have any secrets?
    • Can you build and respect boundaries with your loved ones?

Another note

  • I think chastity and non possessiveness go really well together to create a purity in your life. Conjure the image of your inner temple once more. Start to take note of details. What time of the day is it? Where is the door? Are you inside or outside? Find a comfortable spot within this vision. Keep adding details to your temple until you fade into the twilight state of savasana. Enjoy~~

Asteya non stealing

If you read a lot of yoga related material you’ll start to sense that no one wants to take credit for their own work! Why? Because they know they could never have done it alone. In Autobiography of a Yogi by yoganonda, for instance, he spends more time talking about the men who taught him, than anything he ever did himself!

I love this way of writing and reflecting–without having to be so self referential!

So i ask you, who has taught you? Who has helped you shape yourself to the person who you are? Do you give them credit? Or do you feel particularly individualist?

To the individualists in the room, I feel for you. I know you work really hard for what you’ve made for yourself, but did you do it in a vacuum?

Other side of the coin, what can you take credit for?

There is a balance, it is asteya

open your hands and offer what you can
bring the long edges of your pinkies together, open your hands, cup them slightly, in a gesture of good will

Pushpaputa the giving MUDRA – make a cup with you’re your pinky sides of your hands together and thumbs on the outside. giving is kind of the opposite of stealing

Think about these ideas:

    • Always cite your sources!!!
    • Who has inspired you?
    • Who has disgusted you?
    • Who has helped you along the way?
    • Who can help you walk your path?
    • Who can i give credit to, today?


Brahmacharya chastity

Mmmm you know that feeling when you get out of the wash, feeling so pure and clean, a load off your body right??

or clean sheets? Mmmm it feels so good to sleep in newly cleaned laundry

that’s the good stuff, so clean, so pure….



Yes, to live a respectable life you’re going to have to give some things up. BUMMER!

Putanjali never had sex. He was voluntarily celibate. This is the story passed down since the dawn of the sutras. It is suggested he chose to do this because he had this feeling deep in him, that if he engaged in carnal pleasures, he would lose his connection to the yoke which is yoga.

Definitely not an easy undertaking for a hot yoga guy from the 6000sBC if ya know what I mean.

A good modern example would be someone who decides never to drink because they saw their alcoholic parent passed out pathetic too many times. For everyone there is something deeply which tugs them and takes them away from inner peace.

For some people its work, for some people its sex, there are ons and ons of different things different people individually take on as their vice. Some more common than others.

How can I prevent abortion
Some people, even patanjali!!, prefer to abstain from sex. this graphic shows how the pro life boys in my life can keep themselves chaste ^_^

How are you Chaste, you slimy heathen, Royo?

My chastity is I will never carry a child in my womb. I’d never subject a child to my parenthood, since my childhood was sort of messed up. It is not my dharma, and so I give it up. Sad some days, but I never regret it. Just like Patanjali and his chaste body

For you it might be something really simple good luck figuring it out! A good example from our good friends at Royo, the Catholics, giving up a vice for lent. ( and for my friends in the hamtramck: FAT TUESDAY BABAY)

  • Some questions to reflect

    • What is something important to you which you can keep to yourself?
    • Have you ever given up a habit? How did it feel?
    • /what is one thing which, if you lost, you’d absolutely lose it? Consider why this may be
    • How does fear play into holding onto your vices?
    • When do you feel the most vulnerable to your vices? being aware can help ease things

Aparigraha non possessiveness

All the stuff you have. all the files you have. all the records and collections and things you have. everything could go away in an instant. To any of us.  At any time.

Luckily as I write this, everything is ok. take a moment for yourself, look around, notice you are safe.

ahhh you just experienced mindfulness ^_^

It doesn’t always feel so easy though. Right now there is a virus going around causing suffering to almost everyone whether they have gotten it or not. It is times like these where you realize how fragile everything is, and we go into survival mode

things which were easy to share before (uhhh toilet paper?) are closely hoarded.

families are being torn apart from ideology differences

No one will say hi on the sidewalk anymore

Ugh its such a lonely time! And I see the lonelier we get, the closer we hold our posessions closely


Examples of every day possessiveness I am guilty of

  1. Wanting to be right instead of happy
  2. Holding a grudge
  3. Withholding emotionally in fear of rejection
  4. Quitting when things get hard
aparigraha means non posessive, like this gift giving dragon
This dragon has been hoarding wealth for quite some time. yoga brought them to a point where they don’t need to sleep on gold, they can share their gifts without fear of losing!

Huh, I bet you thought I was going to talk about hoarding items like a dragon.

Well that’s also possessive, but as social creatures we like to play games with each other. Look at how many of those examples were games. Right or happy, keeping anger close, keeping distance, keeping myself from moving forward. A bunch of mind games.

When you have a strong emotional reaction next time, think about the game, or the dance you could even say, with your partner. What are we both hiding, what are we both holding at the cost of intimacy?

Oh boy I said the intimacy word better jump to some internet quote blocks:

“Seek out people, books or ideas that contradict your current beliefs and one of two things will happen

A) you will discover you are wrong

B) or you will imporve the arguments for your own ideas

Mark  Manson www.markmanson.net


seek out contridictions
Mark Manson is one of my MVP western self help book writers. he encompasses a lot of stoicism and open mindedness to end the suffering in our lives

If you are a giver, remember to learn your limits

because the takers don’t have any


know your limits

Here are some questions to leave you with:

    • What do you have to offer others?
    • Who is someone or what is something of which you feel you could never let go?

Yama conclusion

So now you know what the structural framework for living as a respectable person in your community, what next?

we need to put these concepts into practice
to review, we have
  1. Ahimsa – non violence

  2. Satya – honesty

  3. Asteya non stealing

  4. Brahmacharya – chastity

  5. Aparigraha – non possessiveness

how can you show up? How can you put these concepts into your daily life?

Have you tried living by the ideas of the yamas? let me know in the comments

Sun salutation A in twelve poses illustrated:

The Sanskrit first, then the English pose, then the directions:

Tadasana, or mountain pose.

It’s like standing up straight but BETTER. Feet together, pointing forward, push into your feet and feel your pelvis rise. Squeeze your quads and feel a nice bend in your knee. Lift your ribcage, roll your shoulders back and down with your fingers pushing into each other at your side

Utthita tadasana or mountain pose hands raised over head.

I like to sweep my hands out to the side, really pulling my arms away from each other, and shift my shoulders once my hands are at shoulder length so that I can keep sweeping up up up until they are reaching the sky, palms touchingi

Uttanasana or forward fold.

Please have a slight bend in the knees! Tilt with your pelvis keeping your spine long (in other words, let your chest lead the way rather than your head). Keep your shoulders plugged in and let your head hang. Let your hands come to somewhere supportive whether it be your thighs, knees, shins, or ground. It would also be nice to use some blocks instead of your knees.

Ardha Uttanasana or half way up monkey.

Come half way up, pushing into your shins with your fingers feeling the elongation of your spine, look down.

Kumbhakasana or plank.

To come into this position from forward fold by bending your knees generously and planting your hands onto the mat. Pointer finger should point to the front of your mat, and spread your fingers wide apart. Put your pressure on the knuckles to alleviate tension from your wrists.

 One leg at a time bring your feet back, standing tall on your toes and arms to hands. The aim is to make a straight line from the spine to the toes which you can do by tucking your tailbone slightly. If it feels easy you’re doing it wrong. 😛

Chuttarunga dandasana we just call this chuttarunga,

its like a plank but with your upper arm parallel to the ground. To get into this pose, first press your toes into the mat pushing your shoulders forward so that they are past your fingers. At this point, lower your torso with your elbows pointing behind you and right against your body.

If your elbows sprawl outward, you won’t work the right muscles in your shoulders to gain the strength for arm balancing poses later in your practice. NEVER SKIP THA CHUT!

Buhjangasana or Cobra pose.

Please come all the way down to the mat from chuttarunga dandasana and relax completely onto your belly as you exhale. Inhale and push your chest up, shoulders back by pressing your knuckles into the mat. Keep your pelvis glued to the mat, and keep a bend in your elbows despite how badly you want to straighten them completely. Exhale come all the way back down

Adho mukha svanasana  or Downward dog.

Tuck your toes under, start to bend your knees so that they press into the mat. On an inhale push up to the top of a pushup, and then inhale pushing your hips back and up by pushing into your knuckles. Roll your shoulders away from each other AND your forearms so that they are in line with your wrists. It might take you a while to get used to the feeling.

Bend your knees to help give you space to make a straight line from your wrists to your tailbone. Balance your wait from the front and behind to make it easier to stay in this pose. I teach 3 breaths in downward dog in a sun salutation.


After the 3 breaths here, breathe in bend your knees, and look forward. On an exhale, with your hands still on the mat, walk your feet to the front of the mat

Ardha uttanasana or Monkey

push into your shins, elongate your back, look down in this half forward fold

Uttanasana or forward fold,

just like before, tilt your pelvis forward fold as far as is comfortable for you and relax into his pose as you exhale

Utthita tadasana or mountain pose.

Tilt back up with your head leading first and with arms raised over head. Keep your shoulders away from your ears.

Tadasana mountain pose. Relax, take as many breaths here as you desire


Sun Salutation In English:

  1. Mountain
  2. Mountain arms raised
  3. Forward fold
  4. Monkey
  5. Plank
  6. Chutarunga
  7. Cobra
  8. Downward dog
  9. Monkey
  10. Forward fold
  11. Mountain arms raised
  12. Mountain


Intuitive sequencing on your own

Here is a sequence to continue after a few rounds of sun salutations.

they pair really well if you are looking for a full body wake up. Feel free to add or subtract any thing as well. When you practice at home, part of the joy is being in control of where your going a lot of the time. Kind of like ‘homework’ practice between classes at school. I encourage you to think outside of the studio box and let yourself explore without the guidance of a class or recording. If you do please let me know how it changes how you feel about yoga, ok? I’d like to hear if it makes  a difference for you, too.

  • Virabhadasana 2 or warrior 2
  • Utthita parsvottanasana or side angle stretch
  • Virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2
    • On each side : its so important to do each side for these

or maybe

  •  parsvottanasana
  • Virabhadrasana 1 with mudra
  • Virabhadrasana 1
    • On each side


Then meditate or corpse pose savasana

Next day start with sun salutations and mix and match a few different poses

  • Warrior 2
  • Side angle stretch
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Warrior 2


  • Warrior 1
  • Pyramid
  • Warrior 1 with prayer

Ok, well, i hope this entertained someone out there. Have fun, experiment, and have a nice day!

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spirit speak hanged man
Spirit Speak Hanged Man

10 Common Things Standing in Our Way from our future goals: why and what to do

Published July 25, 2021

Written by Rose Moore

 ~Yoga instructor, meditation guide, peer mental health support, artisan and tarot reader


What holds you back right now?

Maybe you feel ‘lazy’

Lazy is another word I find synonymous with two things: Depression and anxiety. Some people will say laziness is a character defect. Something not to aspire to. Something that puts people off. I agree of course not to aspire for laziness, but I have never met anyone who calls themselves lazy who didn’t have a lot going on inside their heads. In some cases, it is self-preservation, and others are fear based. Fear of failure, fear of losing something, perfectionism, fear of the cost are rather common. And some of these reasons stem from depression.


Fear is different than depression. When we are afraid, we are thinking about the future, about what COULD HAPPEN. How am I going to get hurt? How am I going to fail? How will I disappoint? How will I overcome?


I have heard that ‘laziness’ can also come from perfectionism. You are too hard on yourself to even start. That’s a tough pickle, but CBT guidance can help you learn when your thoughts are distorted like ‘I have to be perfect to start’ this book, the feel good handbook, is written by a doctor of psychology and is the only book you will need to learn the ins and outs of CBT on your own (affiliate link)



Depression on the other hand is past orientation and can become ball of self-preservation. We are slow, our energy is depleted, we can suffer from inflammation, and we do not want to do anything to help it. Surviving is hard enough for a depressed person, so how can they possibly go out and get it?


You need to shift your goals to your health. Depression might feel normal to you, but it is draining to your life. Some people are able to thrive with depression, but it comes at a price. So please take care of yourself you can do this by:


  • Journaling
  • Doodling and coloring
  • Enjoy yourself even if you’re doing ‘nothing’
  • Learning cbt skills
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Picking something to look forward to (in the past when I was most depressed I would be able to make it if I knew there was a book coming out soon or something)
  • Drinking enough water
  • Look online for free mental health resources
  • Find a therapist if it is within your means


Sequence based on the devil from the lisa frank tarot deck
Sequence based on the Devil card from the Lisa Frank tarot deck



Maybe self-control because you know what you want is destructive?

Drugs, sex, rock and roll. It is the Christmas list to the self of my twenties. I spent so much time doing exactly what I wanted, I neglected to ask myself, ‘well is this going to help me with my goals? Does it even make me happy?’ of course not, I didn’t even have goals! Networking became a hell of a time, getting drunk at galleries and telling women I met in the bathroom how they “are my best friends.”


Did this get me anywhere? No. Was it a hell of a lot of fun and something I do not regret? Well, yea of course. But the party did not last forever. I had been avoiding the real work I needed to do to become a fully actualized person.


I gave myself a personal evaluation when I turned 30. At a New Years party, I took a single shot of alcohol and projectile vomited on my friend’s date. I could not deny how destructive this was and I knew I had to change. The guy was nice about it when he should have left! I was only able to get the self-control to stop when I said goodbye to my alcoholic friends and got serious therapeutic help.


If you know what you want is destructive there are several steps to stop. I used a diet as example because people do it all the time, if you are trying to eat healthy work with your doc or a nutritionist! Anyway here are the steps from the The Transtheoretical Model Stages of Change


  1. Pre contemplation – this is where you are starting to feel the negative effects of your habit
  2. Contemplation – this is when you can identify the negative effects and how they are affecting you
  3. Preparation – this is when you say ‘I will start my diet tomorrow’
  4. Action – this is when you start your diet
  5. Continued effort – this is the rest of your life, my friend!
  6. Or you end up back in the precontemplation stage and go through it again like a samskara




Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want and its hard to focus?

black and white 4 panel asana photo
Some poses I love most without focus

Instead of saying to yourself ‘jee what do I want to do when I grow up?’ and daydreaming about the things you are deciding to cut from the list, look at this book


I agree with her system and I use it for myself about once a year to see how things are going. She does not ask you what you want, instead she asks you to think about what it is you value:


  • What do you love?
  • What gets you going?
  • What makes you feel unloaded?
  • What sparks your creativity?
  • What turns you on?
  • What disgusts you?
  • What could you live without? What couldn’t you?


The second half of the book is tons of exercises with questions like these. Instead of focusing in on a goal, you focus on what your values are. Once you have a concrete idea of what it is you value in the world, you will have a narrower focus on what it is you want. It’s a great first step for someone who feels lost to the ocean of opportunity.


My second recommendation, at the point where you have an idea of what you want, is to close your eyes, turn inward into meditation, and then take a few minutes to visualize your life not during the journey but when you get to exactly where you want.


  • What does it look like?
  • Where are you?
  • What does it smell like?
  • Who is there?
  • What objects are around you?
  • What are the textures around you?
  • Where is the sun?


As you ask yourself these things try to imagine them. The more questions you ask like this, the stronger your vision will become. At this point you may be asking if I am referring to the law of attraction. Sort of, yes, but without the mysticism.


I think the law of attraction works mostly because it helps you identify what it is you are willing to go out on a limb for. By looking to the end goal and giving it a proper visualization you can focus in on the main things which are important to you and start to work on those things.


For instance if you want to attract a car, you will probably need to know how to drive. Visualize being able to drive and you’ll likely be less scared to take the driving test.


This lady describes the process seamlessly in ten minutes about how she found the perfect real estate for her fitness studio. It’s really cool and helped me with accepting this practice as more than a bunch of wishes to Santa.

Overloaded with responsibilities?

warrior 1 2 3 illustration
Virabhadrasana in his 3 asana forms

Advice for the helpers

Moms, I am looking at you. Service workers I’m looking at you. Nurses? I’m looking at you too. Single provider for family? Always being the person to reset the router…? It’s all some tough stuff when it comes to moving forward because someone is counting on you.


Well for one, people in the first category I’m looking at you. You know what it is called when you finish the sentence ‘I am (insert title)?’


That’s your ego my friend! It is not an insult to say, ‘that’s your ego.’ Instead, I refer to it as the way you describe yourself and define yourself. We all do it, its part of humanity. For example, when I hear a friend say, ‘I can’t, I’m a mother, I need to take care of them first,’ I hear my friends ego identifying with motherhood.


But she is not just a mother. By her hyper focus on motherhood, she is denying herself other facets of her inner world. To be nothing more than a mother will drive you crazy and your kids will think you’re boring at some point jk jk jk. So, if you are a person who takes care of others at your own expense the answer is easy.


Prioritize yourself.


Follow through with prioritizing yourself. It is important to fill your own cup before you can serve others and it will only happen if you consider yourself one of your clients. Easier said than done I know.


For those who have societal burdens

Maybe you do not have other people to look out for you and have to do everything by yourself? Maybe because of student debt? Because of a felony? Because your house burned down? Because you must take 3 buses to work on the other side of town? Because of prejudice in your community?


It is all A LOT. We did not choose the era to be born in, this is the sandbox we were tossed into.

The pressure of modern life is soul crushing for most people in my country unless you are afforded luxuries like a good public education. How can we overcome societies heavy pressure?

For those of you with looming burden finding a goal is the most important thing. Viktor Frankl says in Mans search for meaning,

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


“Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run—in the long-run, I say!—success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it”


Maybe what you want looks so out of reach its unreasonable?

Hey you, do you also want to go to the moon? It’s been a dream of mine since I was little. I would look outside in the night sky and if I saw a satellite I would yell ‘please, aliens, take me with you!!’ Ok I still do that but I can identify satellites now, so it’s less magical.


 I was watching the news recently and saw that one man decided to go to the moon and lifted off the other day! He is the richest man in the world due to his ingenuity, luck and resourcefulness. It must have been weird to become the richest man in the world. I was talking to a friend recently about how its hard to even imagine having that much money.


Most of us never will. If you do, hey send me a tip via cashapp! $royoyoga Hehe


A lot of dreams are far off reach unless you also have the same kind of resourcefulness. But the reality is most of us don’t seriously dream about going to the moon.


We can find reasonable goals by dreaming about having abundance, about living according to our dharma, we’ll be more equipped to do the actual work.


Icarus wanted to fly as high into the atmosphere as he could, but he couldn’t handle the heat of being so close to the sun. We don’t have to fly to the sun to find happiness or meaning.


For you I would suggest using SMART goals


  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Relavent
  5. Time bound


It helps!




Risks are hard and you don’t want to deal with the prospect of losing something?

I am not a gambling woman, despite having four aces tattooed onto my left foot. Risks scare me especially to put a lot of money on the line. To lose a lot of money to me is to lose a lot of security. I hold the stuff close, I’m a squirrel.


It’s easy for me to see why you wouldn’t want to make the risk.


If this is the case, guess what, there are easy ways to get what you want that won’t potentially hurt you, did you know that?


There are boring ways to get to the point where you want to be. They aren’t quick, they aren’t exciting, but they do the job.

Tadasana, Mountain Pose

Go the boring way. When the subject of the lottery comes up I tell people, ‘whenever I have the desire to buy a lottery ticket I put a 1$ bill into a box and at the end of the year I have a nest egg. This is more than most people will ever make from playing the lottery.


But its boring. And its not an exciting amount of money. The only thing you lost was the thrill of anticipation and the blow of losing.



 When you go through all the boring avenues to get where you want to be, you may also have a better appreciation of where you end up. Many people who win the lottery end up sad, depressed, and even broke again at some point! It is a difficult transition to have such a significant lifestyle change so quickly.




Is there something you don’t want to lose? Go the boring way


You unconsciously want to stay where you are

Rose in deep meditation

Heres the thing about holding yourself back, it can feel good. It is nice to be the big fish in a small pond. It is nice to feel cozy all the while ignoring the hard stuff it would take to change.  A lot of people won’t tell you that part. It is the easy way not just because you don’t have to do anything, but because you already know how to do it.


To this I would say, please take a moment to appreciate where you are. This is the time for a moment of gratitude. Be grateful for all the things you have achieved because you are where you want to be.


You don’t have to climb a mountain to be happy. Don’t beat yourself up because you hear societies call for ‘the bigger the better the ladder climber’ philosophy.


Winnie the Pooh is a great toaist who loves to stay still. Get inspired on how to chill with the tao of pooh. It was one of my first world religions study guide back in university and its cute too.



Maybe you would say simply, ‘myself’ and none of the above seem quite right

This was the most common answer. What is holding you back? “Myself.” One word. I hear depression in this sentiment which is my own projection. For me when I say myself, there is a ‘should’ in the statement. How can I make myself get out of my way? If ever you end up saying should, by the way, its something you’re shaming yourself about. ‘I should do this I should do that,’ no, you are doing what you need to be doing in the moment.


I don’t even know what to say to this one though, because the more time I take to empathize with this statement the more reasons I can think of for why someone would answer this way:


  1. It’s a cop out to answering the question because of course it has to do with you, its your own life
  2. you take a lot of personal responsibility for where your life takes you.
  3. you see yourself as a hurdle towards your pursuits
  4. You are mindfully deciding you do not want to go forward, you want to stay where you are
  5. You unconsciously want to stay where you are
  6. ?????
part of my collection of decks
lots of cards to represent lots of reasons!!!

In the the case of A, I like the cut of your jib, partner. Thanks for the engagement. Tip of the hat to you~


In the case of B, Maybe you are too hard on yourself, maybe a perfectionist. may I remind you that this world is full of chaos, things are legitimately random, and you don’t have control of everything in your life. You have no idea what is going to come across, you tomorrow you can’t be ready for everything. Reframe your ‘I stand in my way,’ to ‘I lead the ship I’m just docked right now, ok.’


In the case of C, you are the hurdle as much as you are the jumper. This is the yin and yang of life.


  1. D) nothing wrong with settling as long as it doesn’t make you feel empty some how! Glad you got to where you want to be, enjoy the view. You don’t have to feel bad about it.




You mistake what is in your control and what is out of your control

Because looking outward to the things you cannot control is going to drive you crazy*

My dog barks at the mail man every day as if this is the day the mail man will listen. How dare the mail man come so close to my door? This happens every single day.


She is mistaking what is in and out of her control. My dog does this a lot.


A lot of idealists want a world which is very different from the gritty ugly complicated world that is our sandbox. I was one of them once, though I’ve fermented in my years of paying attention.


I want to yell to you idealists ‘it isn’t worth it! It won’t change! It’s bigger than you or I! Try to be happy despite it all~’


But you can’t hear it from me, you must realize it yourself. I sure had to realize it. I went nearly insane hoping and campaigning for a reasonable future only to have the rug pulled from under me by the chaotic complicated world I live in.

(a great article which helped me create this next section)

Sanity came from giving up hope that I can change the world. It helped me realize what indeed I do have control over, versus the things I WISH I had control over.

“The wise who control their body, who control their tongue, the wise who control their mind, are indeed well controlled.” (Verse 234, )  



Chapter XVII of the Dhammapada (ref. Max Muller’s Wisdom of the Buddha) compiles the teachings of the Buddha and his monastic community on the topic of restraining and dealing with anger:


Anyway here is a list of things you can control

  • Your breath
  • Your inner thoughts
  • Your speed
  • Your belief system
  • Your values
  • Life needs: Drinking enough water, sleep patterns, exercise
  • The way you react
  • The actions you take
  • Letting go of control, acceptance
  • The media you choose to consume
  • What you let other people know (who you confide in)
  • How you present yourself



What is out of your control?

  • How others respond
  • How you are perceived
  • Other peoples belief systems
  • Other peoples values
  • The way others react
  • How others take care of themselves
  • What media is produced
  • What other people confide in you
  • Other people’s lifestyles




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uttanasana is good for spellcraft

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uttanasana is good for spellcraft

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From around the web: Cool thing from around the net:

where your mind’s eye meets your real eye

I stumbled across this study and tried it out. Do you have a high or low capacity for hallucinations in a controlled setting? Now you can test yourself in the privacy of your own home. I turned the lights out, put headphones on and watched this screen for ten minutes and woah boy did I see some stuff. Its cool, and it seems like 80% of people will see something whether it’s a simple shape or detailed images.

The Ganzflicker used for the study can be accessed online but you shouldn’t try it if you have epilepsy.

A warning on the page states: “Do not click the following link if you have photosensitive epilepsy!!

“If you do not have epilepsy but the Ganzflicker is highly unpleasant for you, you are not obligated to continue.”

CITATIONS: The Ganzflicker experience: High probability of seeing vivid and complex pseudo-hallucinations with imagery but not aphantasia – ScienceDirect

THE TEST: Ganzflicker Experience (google.com)

  • Bravery sequence in photo


I love planking. I’m not a cardio girl I am slow and still. Can anyone relate?? Walking, wandering, sitting in meditation. that’s easy. as much as id like to be a spark of electricity, I’m more a slow lazy river.. Planking tho? It’s the slow and still exercise that keeps mula banda strong.

It makes the times I need to run easier too. Because it tones soooo many parts of your body.

Has anyone seen pitch perfect? The blonde woman planks while she’s studying. When I saw that I was like ok this is an exercise I can do

plank your way to core strength
did you know?
planking for a few minutes a day will make you feel like you’ve exercised. NICE

From my practice:

I’ve been trying to get my back twisty heres where I’m at. Eric took these pictures. They are for the group only.. cant get comfortable with Instagram I don’t like using my body for advertising (it’s weird) but there’s only a few if you here so. Enjoy: the only way I can feel comfortable is depicted in the pictures below.

Anyway. Aren’t they cool? Check it out no filter






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Rose in deep meditation

Why I am not in my ads: self reflection on presentation online, how it affects my business, and Journaling prompts to reflect on your social media consumption 

spoilers: It’s annoying for marketing but also not as big of a deal as you might think


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Written by Rose Moore

on June 26, 2021

Rose Is a Yoga alliance registered yoga teacher with a 200hr level.  In her free time she writes, reads tarot, and has been reading Dune for almost two years and still only a chunk of the way into the book. She is a treasure to anyone who finds themselves always asking themselves “why?” 

The last two days I have been taking no sleep naps outside with my head under poncho and the rest of my body nude. I am trying to get more sun. I heard that the sun is good for Vitamin D. Ever since I was told by a doctor to take vitamin D for my back pain, I have been thinking about it.

I can get it for free from the sun.


I will do ANYTHING to help my back pain without paying anyone.

And I happen to be free at about the time the sun is at 12 astronomic time. No shadow time according to a young Tommy Pickles. When everyone else is at work and I am surrounded by privacy fence. Truly alone. Gosh I never thought I would be able to say that and not feel ashamed.

By the way, I am the only neighbor who has not contributed to my fully fenced property.

What does that say about me? My yard—So unsightly in past years, Rose, so unsightly. 

Anyway, it was noon and then I came inside to try to work some. I have stuff to DO so to speak. Like a lot

But how can I do any of that if I do not have any vitamin D?

I have never spent so much time topless outside in my life since I started doing this. Is this not weird? Girls, am I right? Guys, you are topless all the time, right?

I am so modest. No no, I know what you are about to say!! Oh no, not in the performative expression of my being. I am not modest in my message, my decisions, my pen stroke, my movement, or my outward pouring of passion.  I am not modest there.

Its my body. And it is so paradoxical. Allow me to elaborate:

For comfort I did not wear a bra for years. It was no big deal to me, even at my bustiest. I am a card-carrying member of the itty-bitty bust club. Since my stomach has always reached out past my knockers, I said whatever. Plus, I have never worked anywhere I did not have to wear an apron before I started Royo Yoga Service LL. No one could tell in my professional life. (If they did, they never called HR so whatever!)

Also, Eric was not complaining about the view.

We are all subject to the public gaze on S.M.

 So, I have no qualms with my body just being, existing so to speak, for the sake of my comfort. On my own terms. It is more like; I do not want to sell at the expense. I do not want my job to be branded or sold due to a curated display of flesh juicy for consumption. (even if that’s why you come to my classes. Paying customer is a paying customer)


The public gaze is an odd thing.

When you add money into the equation plus the nature of my work—to help people physically connect with their bodies—It is hard for me not to separate this from an exploitation of my body for material gain. Remember, remember, I did say I am a modest woman.

Rose, you do not have to do that, you say.

This is my yes but moment.

Yes, but I need to engage with my audience in a meaningful way. As my teacher so clearly stated, “They need to see that you can do it or they’re not going to bother.”

Gyan Mudra
Gyan mudra also known as the knowledge mudra. me being seen

So here I am in between by catering to the royo yoga private group which you should totally join by the way

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I have been drawing a lot and I am hoping it will help bridge the gap between 14 views and the outpour of admiration for the men and women who can sun their asshole and take a picture for the internet(its a whole thing). They are not hung up like I am. Gosh I admire you! Email me and we can trade notes on the algorithm.

I am glad I did take the time to photograph my progress through yoga before and during my teacher training, back when I was heavy on my original Instagram account photo dairying, so there are pictures if you have the time to scroll. It wore on me more and more after I began teaching for cash and I had time to sit with it.

Then I look at the fresh faces of Yoga students I meet who are so empowered by their first time fearlessly posting a full body shot in a yoga pose, smiling into the camera—and into your eyes. It is a powerful thing and I gush. No really, I GUSH when I can see these moments. My immodest empathy.

I was unconscious of my modesty. I do not call it an anxiety or shyness. It is my principles, an expression of my authentic self, part of my identity. How I show up to the world is a huge part of my life, and I want people to know who I really am.

But like, not every mole on my body to sell a yoga class you get me.

Share you answers at www.facebook.com/groups/royoyoga and join the discussion. Or take a class with me, let me show you how to make a deeper understanding of the why when it comes to your image. Peace
          A few of my tarot decks

Journal Prompts

Ok now here is where you

can look inward Journal prompts to think about. Do you have any hang ups about the nature of our photo centered online realm of life?

  • Do you feel gorgeous when you post a photo online?

    • How do you want people to see you?
    • And is this the same way you see yourself?
    • If you do not show your face online, think about why?
    • Where does privacy play a role in the things you post
    • do you ever regret posting something
    • How does it make you feel when you get positive responses vs negative responses


  • In what ways does money, social media, and my body all fit in together? 

    • Am I the consumer or am I the product on social media?
    • How much capital am I not getting for my original content because it is going to the corporations who own these networks?
    • Do I want to keep up with the ocean of jones’ or do I really want (insert product or service)
    • How much do my friends see me online versus real life and how does that make Facebook money? 


  • Is there a difference between my lived experiential self and the face I put online?

    • How are they different?
      • Where does this disconnection come from?
      • How are they the same?
      • Where does this connection come from?


  • How do I want to use social media? What do I want to get out of my time spent there?

For each question:

Ask yourself WHY and do not stop after the paragraph where you talk about.

Those feeling one way, or another might come from inner beliefs you are not aware of. Because such thoughtful insights take a while its best to try to write for 5 or ten minutes at a time to start off journaling. I know some people who can write all day about their inner workings. That is the kind of stuff in me of which I would want to be aware of!


You can come back to this journal entry a week later and read it. Respond to yourself as if writing back to a pen pal. Notice what a week of consideration does to change your reflections.


I hope you enjoyed this article, thank you for your time 

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Do you know the difference between pain and sensation? Do you really?


Key Points

  • Trauma can cause dissociation
  • dissociation is an escape from feeling emotions and physical sensation
  • Yoga can heal dissociation
  • The difference between pain and sensation is “well, pain hurts and sensation doesn’t” – Crystal Gray

Rose in deep meditation


I didn’t know the difference between pain and sensation. Yoga taught me both



I didn’t know the difference between pain and sensation.


In my yoga classes I tell my students ‘don’t push yourself to the limit, go to where you feel sensation not pain.’ I learned this phrasing from my Yoga Teacher Trainer. She said it so matter of fact. As though it was obvious. Such easy advice. So, when I asked ‘how do you tell the difference between sensation and pain though?’ her answer was simple





“well, the pain hurts and the sensation doesn’t.”


Oh, duh. Thanks, crystal!


I have been dissociated from my body for a long time, probably since before I was 13. In fact, in Second grade (7 years old) I told the school therapist I had a ‘day dream problem.’ I am certain this was the first time I told a social worker what was going on. I went for one reason, for a jolly rancher. Otherwise, it would have been a complete secret. He called my mom. She said to stop looking out the window in class. It was right in front of them but invisible. My invisible monster.


Dissociation as webster’s dictionary defines ‘the disconnection or separation of something from something else or the state of being disconnected.’ In psychology the term describes escaping your body and mind. Feelings dull both physically and mentally.

My vision would lose focus, like a daydream with no substance. I was a quiet, modest girl by nature. I liked to listen to other people have conversations and learn.  Because of my inherent temperament it was easy to rationalize what was going on in my head. But I was not really listening. I was escaping from the chaotic environment before me in a way no one could notice. Adults would say I was such a well-mannered girl.


Back then, in my young teens, I would self-harm to allow a sense of departure from my emotional wounds. I would not suggest this but at the time it made sense in my naïve youth. It gave me the desired affect I wanted. To feel something.  To direct my attention to something. To briefly escape from something. Though it worked, I did not know what these somethings were.

These somethings followed me from adolescence and into adulthood, morphing from one vice to another. Razor blades, hitting my head against walls, alcohol blackouts, binges, purges, staying up late, sleeping during the day, meeting strangers with complete disregard for my safety. These were all normal for me. To someone else, the only word I can describe these things is pain.

But it was normal.

I never stopped feeling the pain to the point where it became my status quo. In my mind sensation and pain were synonymous. It hurt to feel something. It hurt to feel anything. But everyone wants to feel something. 

So pain was what I would feel.

It was 3 years ago I realized the difference. The pain became so intense I felt like I was dying. It was frightening. It took me 4 months of constant feeling of heart attack when my aunt took me to the emergency room. Drinking her hot bone broth in the ER was when I decided to make a real change. I was told I was having panic attacks


I would decide to try to live and begin to feel everything. For the sake of my partner, for the sake of my aunt, and for the sake of the little girl who deserved to know peace and never had the chance. I count this as my rebirth. The woman from before that day is a woman who I love dearly, but I now see her as a completely different person. We are sisters. She is my past.

It was that year I started to do yoga on a regular basis.

You learn a lot of things when you start to do yoga. Things come up. They bubble up to the surface and there is a release of emotions with every one of my classes. Some classes I would cry, others I would  flash back to seemingly inconsequential moments in my life. They were consequential apparently.


Because I was had been so disconnected from my body, I started to actually see what I looked like and feel what I looked like. I think I hadn’t looked into a mirror in years so this was a huge change. I started to know what the texture of my skin, the feeling of thirst, how much space I took up (as apposed to how much I thought I took up), then more and more subtle sensations like the pulse of my heart in my thumb.

But what was sensation?

Doing yoga every day was the way I figured it out. It was when I tried hanamanasana, splits, for the first time. I was not even close to ready for this contortion. I went into the pose and my bum was two feet off the ground. Then I let go to go all the way into a pose I was definitely not ready for.


Sharp, sudden, hot, weak, swollen, pierced me in my right abductor. Ahh! I fell out of the pose immediately. I thought oh this is pain. I hadn’t hurt myself in such a while, and had started to feel myself on daily basis, I could finally tell the difference. Like Crystal had said, well, the pain hurts.


A numbness came over me in savasana . An old familiar feeling. It comes into my third eye and sweeps down into my neck where my throat feels swollen. The dissociation was back while I laid in savasana, corpse pose.

But I could feel the shift. I could name it. I knew how it came to be. And I knew it would be over at some point. By the end of my extended corpse pose I would try to walk.

It was hard. I limped for a few days and it took a whole month to heal from the sprain of my inner thigh. I was reminded of my fresh wounds of adolescence, taking weeks to heal as I would scratch at the scabs and make them bleed again. Not this time, I promised myself.


For the next couple of months, I allowed myself only beginner poses, with beginner modifications. Because of yoga, I was learning to take care of myself and heal from pain. Ever before I had never felt the need for healing.

I would be my own mother and nurse the little girl inside of me.

We are good friends now.


Have you ever been so into a movie you forget you’re in the theater and just soak up the experience? Well, when you go to a movie that’s what you intend to do. I think we should try to let those fluttering thoughts come and go without judgement, so that we can stay connected to the true present moment and into what our bodies feel in that moment.


So, I ask you this.

Do you know the difference between pain and sensation? Do you really?

When was the last time you felt pain and what did it feel like? How often do you feel pain? How long does it last? Where does it start and where does it end? What can you do in that moment to comfort yourself? Even if you don’t suffer from dissociative episodes, these might be fair questions for you.


 In our busy modern lives, it is easy to focus on your mind. All your racing thoughts. ‘the kids need to get picked up’ ‘I can’t be late for my appointment,’ ‘my sibling really did a jerky thing to me,’ ‘why is the guy in front of me taking so long at checkout?’ all of these kinds of thoughts take us away from the present moment and away from our bodies.

Let them come and go like clouds, and embrace every good feeling while you can taste it. Pain is inevitable, but when you can tell the difference, you can savor the good feelings I promise.



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  • Shiva and Sati fell in love
  • Dad didn’t like it, planned a party and snubbed Shiva!
  • Sati could not bare with her dads disapproval and left the earth dramatically
  • Shiva’s hair created a warrior to destroy Daddy’s ego

Virabhadra Warrior Myth

warrior 1 2 3 illustration
Virabhadrasana in 3 asana forms

How did these asanas come to be called warrior poses?

Virabhadra Is the story of how your ego can keep you from embracing the people who you love and hurt them in ways you would never expect. It also has a solution to the pesky ego–off with the head of it! Then will love to be free of expectation This is my retelling of Virabhadra’s story, I hope you enjoy it.




Shiva was in love with Sati.

Who wouldn’t, really, she was a woman so pure of heart and beautiful, she found eyes on her from all corners of the world? Shiva, destroyer, and supreme being god, asked her to marry him. Jealous!

Sati’s dad, Daksha, was a stubborn man who felt he deserved respect. He was also one of Shiva’s 9 brothers(citation needed), so the marriage was a huge surprise.

Daksha’s point of view was that of a creator, as he was Sati’s father. Talk about a big ego! When Shiva and Sati married without asking him first, the man lost it. He decided he would exclude the honeymooners from his next bonfire, the most ballin’ parties in the land. Everyone was going to be there; it would be the throwdown of all throwdowns. It was called the annual Yajna party. Complete with a ritual sacrifice by fire, the signature party trick of a Yajna.


The day of the party Gods all started coming around catching Sati’s attention. She said to Shiva, ‘what the heck I didn’t know there was a party tonight, you want to check it out?’

The day of the party Gods all started coming around catching Sati’s attention. She said to Shiva, ‘what the heck I didn’t know there was a party tonight, you want to check it out?’

Shiva said, naw, it will only make a scene and I already get the message. Not worth it. My bro has always been unmoving in his opinions.

but once he got to know their love was pure her dad would change his mind… right?

Sati was unconvinced, however. Having such a high respect for her father, Sati believed she could level with him. She understood he was upset, but once he got to know their love was pure her dad would change his mind… right?

Not so much. Sati’s father sneered at the sight of her daughter and made some pot shots at Shiva for being a long-haired hippie and goblin king.

I do not know what Daksha expected from this, but the result was Sati losing total respect for the guy.

She was humiliated and heartbroken, a massive boulder of respect shattering within her heart. Once you come down from that pedestal there is no going back up, dad. Her fearful reaction led her to set herself ablaze in the ritual fire of the Yajna. She would live and die on her own terms, and not be made small by her father.

This is where Virabhadra comes into the story.

Once Shiva found out of his wife’s death, he ripped out some of his long, luscious hair locks and threw them to the ground covering them with dirt. If Daksha were going to make trouble, Shiva would make a warrior and an entire army to bring down his bro once and for all.

Out popped Virabhadra, a creation manifested from Shiva’s desire to avenge his wife’s untimely death. They got an army, Shiva picked out some swords ready and they rode to the Yajna where Virabhadra showed off his insanely cool moves. The moves were:

  • Virabhadrasana I (warrior I) – Upon the arrival at the yagna, Virabhadra placed the sword in both hands and thrusts his way upwards through the earth.

  • Virabhadrasana II (warrior II) – a preparatory pose used to size up Daksha and ready a counterattack.

  • Virabhadrasana III (warrior III) – the final blow, a fierce chop with his sword, beheading Shiva’s father-in-law, and brothers.

Shiva had the choice of Daksha’s fate in his hands. Virabhadra backed away and Shiva came forth with a goat’s head. “This is your head now, bro, enjoy baaaahing for the rest of your life, everyone will know you are a fool. PEACE OUT DUDE” and he dropped the mic.

Shiva and Sati were reunited in her next reincarnation, Parvati. Parvati was imbued with the wisdom of Sati, who had learned a huge lesson.


  1. A) the ego will cause you to do some embarrassing and dramatic things

  2. B) Shiva will always be able to help cut loose the ego and

  3. C) The ego was attached to what other people thought, and she could let go

This knowledge made her the goddess of love





Grounding with Tree Pose

  • Roots
  • Balance
  • Nutrients
  • Hydration
  • Change

Tree Pose, Balance, and what I mean when I say Grounding

An essay and contemplation by Rose Moore


Grounding is a term to describe the praxis of coming to the present – Royoyoga

Anxiety is caused by thinking about the future. Depression comes from thinking about the past. Think to yourself, do you find yourself thinking about the past of future more? How do this correlate with your depression or anxiety symptoms? Grounding is a term to describe the praxis of coming to the present. A dulling of the future and past.

How can tree pose ground you then? First let us meditate on the idea of a tree.

When we think of the broader concept of grounding a tree you might think roots going down into the ground, a large trunk to keep the tree from falling over, healthy nutrients so that the limbs of the tree retain durability, water, to soak the cells so not to shrink, or even the cycle of life when in the fall leaves may fall literally onto the ground.  

So how can we relate to these conditions of a tree? Next time you come into this asana I want you to really think on the subject.


Roots? What are your roots?

For some people it is their home, for others it is their family, some even connect their roots to their ancestors. In a smaller sense your roots can also be what is the motivating factors for your current project. All of our ideas have a root in our prusha, our lens of the world. In this sense, tree pose can signify a cleaning of this lens, clearing out the distractions so that you can see the roots in your life—meaning what makes you tick, what makes you swoon, and everything in between.

Balance? Have you ever fallen over?

I recently cut my heel. I was running around my back yard barefoot, carefree, and sliced my calloused heel open on a small stump from a bush I had cut down last year. In a literal sense, I fell over.

 Since then, I have had a limp on my right foot slightly. Being injured from the base of my body has changed my yoga practice, and I am unbalanced. Funny thing, it is not the cut which caused the imbalance, no. It is the cut which brought my imbalances to life.

When you practice yoga these kinds of imbalances physically can help you with your emotions, mind, and soul as well. Do to the cut on my right foot I have been practicing tree pose on my left side, which is the side that represents the sun (the HA in Hatha yoga). Now, having contemplated these symbols for a while, I said, aHA! Something is imbalance in my daily life, rather than a deeper undercurrent in my life. This is because the THA in hatha represents night, and what comes out at night?

The moon, which takes a month for a cycle. Daily tree pose on the left side has helped me come back to my daily habits and I wouldn’t have made this choice to focus on my left if I had not gotten injured. Much like a tree with a limb cut off, branching out the opposite direction to keep up tall.

Food? How do you feel different when you get the nutrients you need?

We all must eat, even trees. In a way, trees compete with grass for the nutrients in the ground. Who do we compete with for food? Yes, there are outer competitions for beauty, health, prosperity etc, but Id challenge you to look internally. What have you eaten recently and how does your body feel in return? What issues do you have with food, emotionally?

A lot of us have emotional eating patterns and tree pose can be a time to contemplate where those thoughts are coming from. If you stop and appreciate a single slice of orange*—the texture, the flavor, the pulp in your mouth, the feelings can dissipate, grounding you by allowing you to appreciate the food coming into you.

Tree pose helps with digestion because of the balance you receive from sucking in your belly during the pose. When you do this, you will feel more grounded, meaning less likely to fall! Your center of gravity happens to also be where your body digests food,

*I choose orange because it is the first food I picked for mindful eating. It is not just enjoying food, there is a whole process. More on this practice coming soon.

Hydration? When you drink water, how does your body react, and how does this help with expansion?

Like I said earlier, water expands the cells in a tree. It also expands the cells in your body, plumping them up giving a reserve for which your cells can keep working. When you do not drink water, you may notice particular sensations. Your mouth may feel dry, you may get dizzy, your urine changes colors. All of this is effect from dehydration. It is easier to deal with difficult situations, over pour with gratitude, and live your best life when you are hydrated. Just like a tree!

Trees know when it is going to rain. They curl their leaves into a cup for water and get ready to be drenched. You too can prepare yourself for water with the tree pose asana. Taking a moment to check in with your body, decide what affects you are feeling from more or less water, and make a plan. Drink the water! Merely taking the moment to check in is grounding. You are feeling the root of your body’s sensations.

Change? Where do you find yourself when you feel your leaves falling, entering a new phase in your life?

This contemplation is fun! As humans we stay the same forever in our consciousness which never goes away, a deeper lesson on yoga that deserves its own blog post. You know what does not stay the same??? Literally everything else, from the world spinning to the emotions which may rock you like waves. The same goes for a tree, which is always the same tree despite its reactions to the time of the year. There are some trees which will die in cold climates, they tend to have juicy leaves, flower, or have fruits. They go barren in the winter and come alive in the spring.  These are called deciduous trees.

Once you go north you will see trees with needles, that do not appear to shed during the winter or change in the summer. These are called coniferous trees. Both types of trees are ever changing, however. The pine trees shed their needles often and drop cones filled with seeds, much like the fruit of a cherry tree.

Are you a fruit tree with dramatic, visible changes in your life right now? Or a pine tree, constantly shedding but also keeping up a constant image to the world? Change is hard, so let these contemplations guide you through tree pose when you feel something new coming along.

To conclude

Woah, trees are more like humans than we thought eh? The yogis have known for centuries. Not because of education for which a yogi has much, but because in yoga we can contemplate how we are human, but also no different than any other aspect of the world. Something you cannot learn in a book or from a guru. It must be experienced, thus suffering (that anxiety and depression we talked about earlier) be quelled from the mind. We have a lot in common with our tree friends when we can come into the present, leaving the past behind and the future as something for later.

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Hi you guys!

My name is Rose Moore, I am the founder/creator of Royo Yoga.


I’m new to the professional tarot reader scene. I have seen different methods that vary from reading out of a favorite book, numerology, symbol reading, and more. I’ve also focused at different times of my life on each of these methods and they will inspire good stories in different ways. These days I do a mix of the three and a foundational research on cultural contexts from when they were made and how these symbols have changed in modern day. 

I’’m going to demonstrate what my readings would look like with a reading for myself. It’s going to be very vulnerable, it will be an eye opening experience, and it is going to be fun.

tarot deck option - spirit speak

I am using the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck created by Mary Elizabeth Evans in Oakland, California. She created the artwork and it came with this adorable little book actually written out in her handwriting. That does make it somewhat hard to read if you’re the type of person who wants to read the author’s intent for the base of their readings. Unless you like her handwriting maybe it would be even easier!


 But it’ll be hard for me if I were to be reading for someone else.



Celtic Knot


spirit speak Celtic Knot
spirit speak Celtic Knot

Every book you will ever got on tarot, it’s the first thing you learn.

I use the book by Danielle Knoll, Tarot for the modern mystic for this exercise.


First card is a signifier. If you have a reading with me I will not give you a signifier. I will shuffle the deck until you tell me to stop (in person, I would just have you shuffle yourself), then I ask you if you want to cut the deck. After that, the card on top will be the signifier.


I do this because a lot of people don’t know what they want to know, and that’s totally fine! Readings typically fall into two types regardless:

  1. The type where you want to know something specific
  2. The type where you just want to know where to think


If you have a specific intent that may call for a specific signifier, and I would need to know your question before our appointment. 

 And with that in mind,

Here is my signifier:

Signifier in the very middle of the cross of the deck

3 of cups signifier 

Spirit Speak 3 of Cups
Spirit Speak 3 of Cups
  • Look at the card.

  • This is what i’ll say to you. Do you notice the balloons, what do you think of balloons? There will be no third wheel here, it will be an ultimately balanced friend group experience. The angles on the triangle are all the same degree saying balance. Flowers coming out of cups, signifying futility


Card on top of signifier – 

Spirit Speak 10 of cups
Spirit Speak 10 of cups
  • The heart of the matter (i also like to read signifier as you, and the top is how the world sees you)
  • I got the wheel of fortune – a karmic cycle in your life. Karmic sycles can go around and around and around an can cause the same troubles all over again. This means you have overcome a schema and don’t have to repeat that behavior again
    • Now lets look at where the card is placed, which is how OTHER PEOPLE see the situation. People think i’m doing pretty good and can see i’ve overcome a lot. Its ok because I just finished my yoga teacher training so it totally makes sense. Starting my yoga business, and i’ve come far in my healing journey

The Root of the signifier

Spirit Speak 5 of Cups
Spirit Speak 5 of Cups
  • Five of cups. So look at these cups what do they look like to you. They’re spilling out all that water it looks like toxic sludge, lady crying, and some cups behind him or her. So i would say you can see from the symbols that this is about despair. Cups are always about people in your lives just like how the three of cups was about a balanced friend group. This also makes sense because if you’ve been following me for a long time I had to say goodbye to some friends because I was too sick and had to say goodbye. I made an executive decision to separate from them. It is like a loss and I do feel like it was the death of someone because I’m never probably going to contact them again.


Next card is the eight of wands which represents the past


Spirit Speak 8 of Wands
Spirit Speak 8 of Wands
    • 8 of wands. Basically i went on this card theres a ship so you went on a journey, it looks like its on fire so i’d say you burned a bridge on your way to your next step. And if you go back to the wheel of fortune here, id say its a good move because i ended up ending a karmic cycle. I had to move away from something so that i can translation into my new karmic cycle. 


  • Top card: represents whats your shining crown. Whats in the present, today what is my shining light. In this book it says the best that can be achieved. 


Spirit Speak 3 of Wands
Spirit Speak 3 of Wands


    • 6 of wands
      • We’ve got the wand in our hands so we are in control. We have that balanced triangle, this one has a cup in here so there are people in play, so i would say this means i have the conductor thing, thats how i would read. Because i am going to be teaching yoga so i will be conducting. While you channel your spirit and create your own art based on my conducting

The predicted immediate future:

Spirit The Hermit
Spirit Speak The Hermit


        • I don’t think i can tell you what your future is. I don’t believe in determinism which means i think we can create our own reality. Shift your thinking in your 
        • If we believed in fate or determinism i could say i know what exactly is going to happen and id be right.The hermit
          • This is a major arcana card. So first thing i would say is look whaats going on. I’ve got these buddys theyre snakes. I’m looking at this star and i can touch it. I’m blush with my inspiration and i don’t need to take much effort to touch this star, it is a calm pointing motion
          • You are slow moving right now, you have all the potential to touch the stars but right ow i need to chill meditate. Because i’m going to be on a higher level to manifest and that takes a lot of energy. So it makes sense you’ve got to recharge. 
          • Its really hard for me to contact all these people, ask for money. Even though i’m excited for my class the extraverted energy of selling is depleting for me. So the hermit makes sense, i’ve expended the energy and now i need to come back for myself.


You and your power (summary of the cross)


spirit speak hanged man
Spirit Speak Hanged Man


    • The hanged man
      • Its not about hanging yourself its not about hate or killing. I go into this further in my video if you watch it
      • In my context this means something out of your control has happened and you need to sit with it even though you have dealt with it. You’re going to hang loose. Things are out of your control, you’re not going to move and you don’t have to. Just stick with your thoughts and let the blood flow back down to your heart. 
      • Hanging from the foot. And he can catch his foot and get himself loose. So work your abs eventually you can let yourself loose 




spirit speak ten cups
ten of cups
    • Ten of cups
      • Images: Two rings to say holy union, hands up in the air happily, love hearts, and all these cups 
      • Numerology: Tens in any reading is going to be 
      • Insight: I am agoraphobic. I was agoraphobic, I was so freaking scary. It affected a lot of my relationships. If you look back at the five up cups you can see what I mean. So it’s nice going from 5 to 10 with a full family.. This group fills my cup, i love talking to all of you


Second to last card written two different ways

spirit speak kowands
Spirit Speak King of Wands


    •  For this card i can read it one of two ways depending on how the rest of your spread has gone, these ways are: Advice, or hopes and fears
    • I got the king of wands. I hate kings because they’re hard for me to read. Because the king is supposed to be a mature man and when have you ever seen anyone like that
    • This guy is a red head. If i do a reading for you i would say there’s fire in the astrology passionate guy, probably successful, 
    • Imagery we have the wand on fire because he’s burning with passion, and he has the entire city in his hands. I really like this imagery because when you have reached self actualization you can love an entire city. That’s what it does, it allows you to love stuff. 


The outcome

Spirit speak strength
spirit speak strength
    • Strength
    • Major arcana card which means its a fate card which means its unavoidable
    • Rabbit is holding this male lion by his chompers and the lion is just cool with it. Its trust. This is trust, when the lion and the rabbit trust each other. There is so much that they can learn from each other. The bond can be super good because its taming that wild part inside of you but also loving it. 

End of reading

  • Next thing is i would look at this entire story we went through every card individually so a) what didn’t make sense before and b) 

Quiet person during a reading i will ask ‘does this make sense? And then do this summary at the end

  • Overall it looks like I’ve come around from an ugly social scene, spun my karmic wheel to grow out of old schema, in order to bring strength to other people as seen in the ten of cups.


All about stories we love to talk about. Some people like to talk about themselves, i don’t really like to but i’m doing it so you can see what it looks like. But we love stories. So i’m putting these images together if that resonates with you. And when it does I can see the glowing on your face. 


How does Rose do it? Well I listen to you! I’m listening and seeing what works for you and then going with THAT imagery. 

So you can learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

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What is Better for YOU:

Pre recorded Yoga Videos or a Live Virtual Class?

By Rose Sharon Moore

July 15, 2020


I asked the beginner yoga at home group why they wouldn’t want to take an online class for yoga and I got a few replies. The most common theme was that they preferred pre recorded videos. I totally get this. I learned how to do yoga at home for a variety of reasons, and today I’m going to talk about these pre recorded videos vs the pros of a virtual class.


Before I start I would like to let you know I have a class starting August 1, 2020 for Wild Self love. We will do yoga, meditate, contemplate, and journal for six weeks to help you gain self confidence, a life aligned with your values, and a fit bod. Click here to see the details and register. You can also message me for more info. OK let’s go!


 First of all, I do think they are awesome. I have to give credit to Psyche Truth on amazon prime, Crystal gray’s beginner chakra series. When I started making yoga a regular part of my daily routine, I was sick, agoraphobic, afraid of people, and incredibly out of shape. How the heck was I going to go to a real life studio? Amazon prime looked at me flashing a 30 day yoga challenge and I said hell why not. No one would see me fall on my face, no one would tell me I’m doing it wrong, and I didn’t have to leave the house. Fabulous.


Reasons you may choose Videos

1. Safety in not being judged

I’m an introvert, I’m shy, I don’t want to be judged. I thought that a yoga instructor would single me out because it had happened before when I had gone to the studio. Online, why would that be different? You will only judge yourself with a pre recorded video

2. You know it will end at a specific time

Ahh! A 30 minute pre recorded video, i know it won’t go over that time and that I can go along with my day easy peasy. The fear is the teacher going over, or under the time. With a pre recorded video, you know when it will end for sure

3. I don’t want people to see me!

So many people don’t want to be seen, and that is a legitimate feeling. Not everyone is an entertainer, an extrovert, or comfortable with a spotlight. 

4. Technology is hard

Getting on Zoom google meetings, or any other live streaming communication tool is difficult. I still have trouble with it at times. With a pre-recorded video you can cast your screen and go

5. I can go back to it and pause when I need the time

Probably the best pro of a prerecorded video is I can pause and spend more time getting into that twisty pose the instructor slides into. I’m not sliding into ANYTHING, give me a minute ok? 


So who wouldn’t say yes to all of these above? Certainly not me in the beginning. I didn’t know there were virtual classes at the time, I was scared, all the stuff I listed above. There is a cost, however, and it is paid with the price of INTIMACY. What? Are you a little worried when you hear the word intimacy? A lot of us are. People are scary right? People are mean, right? Well look, some people are, but when you take the step towards intimacy with a group of like minded people… they become your fertilizer. You bloom exponentially. Yoga is a safe place for me and with my students I want nothing more than for them to feel empowered, loved, and 


The Pros of a live online class:

1. You will know your alignment is correct

I didn’t know this was a problem until I started taking classes with my YTT instructor. Apparently an upward facing dog isn’t easy. Apparently I rounded my back a lot. Apparently I was not gaining the arm strength needed for inversions. A pre-recorded video is not going to tell you these minor (but important) alignment adjustments.

Alignment is important especially if you are going to make yoga a lifestyle choice. It will e easier to advance with correct positioning

 I live teacher will be able to see you on screen (I have a 64 inch TV I can see my students on) and tell the class little things they see which would be overlooked by a video. If you start these bad habits in the beginning, you won’t see as many improvements as you go, and you’ll eventually have to unlearn them.  PS I will not call you out by name my friends. There is no need to worry about that kind of embarrassment


2. Video yoga is Lonely

I didn’t realize this until I started taking virtual classes live. I was a loner, Id just lost a couple of my bffs, my job and I thought I had no self confidence. This was the reason i used pre-recorded videos. The problem though? It didn’t help these issues I had, and I know a lot of beginner yogis have said the same thing. We live in a lonely society. 

Virtual classes have helped me make friends with yogis all over the place. The community is eye opening, because all these cool online yogis get it. We are encouraging. We really know you and care. The community is huge online and the more we do it together in the safety of our own homes, the more we want to. Because I know my new friends are going to be there as well! 


3. Real encouragement will help you commit

I have made it halfway through tons of 30 day challenges from video yoga. Tons! In my personal practice, I am more likely to stick with something if I have a good mentor, a good teacher, and a person on the other side of the computer reminding me ‘we got class tonight’ or ‘I’m doing heart openers tonight!’ It helps me get excited. It helps me get jazzed for my class. 

And one more thing about commitment: your life will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. I see it over and over again. There is a reason the people who are into yoga are all really into yoga. It feels good, it brightens your day, it helps you see things in a way that will give you peace even in the darkest days. Commitment was a gift I gave myself, and I highly recommend it for you. Surround yourself with other yogis and its infectious. 


4. The Savasana is better

Savasana is weird, I will admit it. For those of you who don’t know, Savasana is how we end out classes in yoga. After you get sweaty and energetically empowered, we end the class in savasana which is a pose laying on your back for around five minutes, eyes closed, palms up. In the recorded videos I’ve noticed they only put you in savasana for a minute or so and then get you up to say namaste. 


That is not enough for me. As an instructor I will guide you through a full body muscle relaxation, help you calm your mind through mantra or counting, and then give you a good amount of time to relax and integrate all of the work you 


5. Its nice to hear your name

When I’m teaching an online class I will look at your camera. If you look great I will verbally validate you. “OMG Sara you look great,” I think I said this three times in my showcase which you can see at the yoga goddess collective. I am always excited and proud when I see my students in a beautiful crow, or even just a nice strong warrior 1. I am going to talk to YOU. I am going to give you space. I am here for all of my students. I can tell ya, the yoga videos on Amazon are not going to shower you with the praise that I have for you. If your camera is off, which some students prefer, I will still be there for ya ‘hey hope you’re doing good’ Its all


6. Having a scheduled class is a great structure

Some home video yoga recordings will tell you, ‘make a time in the day to do these episodes.’ and you start out like, ok sure. Then things get busy in life, and the yoga video becomes the first thing you drop. With a scheduled class, your time is managed. If you miss a class, you will make the decision with intention, thought and care. You won’t want to miss the class, though, trust me. It will be the best part of your day, and it will be something you can look forward to. 


Ultimately it is up to you how you want to do your yoga practice. My favorite is a combination of both. I will take a virtual class a couple times a week, a video class once or twice, and just vibe my way through poses intuitively when I’m thinking of classes for the future. I am, admittedly, a little obsessed. You can change your life with one or two classes a week. 

If you want to supercharge your yoga practice in a fun, safe, and loving environment I highly encourage you to look into my Wild Self Love Workshop. It is going to be a small group and you’ll get a lot of attention that you might not in studio, and definitely more than in a youtube video! Click Below

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and here is the schedule for my list of free activities available on my Facebook group for the month of July, 2020

events july 2020

Also please like me on instagram, facebook, and join my facebook group for updates and inspiration. Love you all, namaste.