Mindfulness activities you’ll actually like

Do you ever say to yourself ugggh i can’t focus i don’t like mindfulness its hard for me?

I’ve heard it a million times. Sometimes from the same people, leading me to think maybe we’re talking about this mindfulness thing in the wrong sense

you dont’ have to sit around thinking nothing, or focusing on your breath and nothing else all day to recognize how you feel in your body 

I like the idea of a check in while doing other activities

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Here are some of my favorite ways to make mindfulness a way to enrich my life by doing exactly what it is that I like to do, and check in with myself


Take A Walk

I used to feel so doomed.

Today I went for one of the first walks of the spring, like a proper walk

In the winter I freeze

I move slowly

I took walks sparingly

So to feel the weather loosen up loosened me up

So full of gratitude, its easy when my body feels good

I put a timer on my phone and walk in a non linear fashion, left at this street right half way down, and so on and so on

Its good for the dog to not get lost, was my excuse when I started these walks

So today, I let go of all the things I was concerned about

Work, other work, side work, writing, the things I’m researching, etc

Which have been wrecking me, a little bit about that later.

I had to let it go, how long would it take to center me?

Twenty minutes lets try it its not that long and if it works out I’ll have something to write about

Yea do you see how this can become circular and spiral into


So put it away I said. The suffering of procrastination manifests as intrusive ‘why aen’t I doing this, you’re wasting your time, you’re lazy, you’re going to screw up your business

I’ll make a list when I’m done I say


And here’s what’s cool

The more I looked around and enjoyed the moment

The more I got out of the experience, in the most magical way

I entered in this frame of mind:

If you see something interesting, stop

Notice it

Make a story up about it

Engage with it in some meaningful way

Make sure you wander your neighborhood in a safe, confident manner. Click here to see some of my ideas and tips for defending yourself while you’re out in public on your own. 

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

A deck of cards for keeping hands busy while you think — mindfully

The High Priestess calling me to the present
Pulled a tarot card before my walk. Pull a tarot card as often as you can, wherever you are. It is another thing which can bring you back to the moment. how? Well if you’re thinking about this character, you’re not thinking about the past or the present. You can use a regular deck of cards too, card tricks are awesome Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Yoga Sun Salutations

Learn more about doing yoga sunsalutations and how to incorporate them into an intuitive at home experience click here for my blog

yoga starts with the breath, so take a long inhale

sigh it out

ahhhhh do you feel better already?

just a couple of sun salutations will get you feeling closer to your body, melting away stress related pains

white woman in purple shirt stretches in a yoga pose
i’ve been working on this pose for a year. yes one pose!

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Automatic Drawing is a mindfulness hack

Today I woke up after a 3 day depression induced sleep.

I woke up happy

I feel awake and at peace, and to look back at the psychosomatic dissociation I had literally awaken from was interesting.

Just yesterday I was so drained I couldn’t stay awake

I woke up with gratitude and a surreal sense of serenity. What is this?

The dog was whining at the door so I climbed out of bed and opened the door. What do you want?

She was cold bored and lonely. I let her in to cuddle with Eric.

I opened the curtains and welcomed gray dawn.

And now I’ll try automatic drawing “automatism”


Here ya go

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Automatic Writing 4/8/2022

Animals are mindful by nature

the dog is guiding my way through a mindfulness adventure

Pet your animal, give them a treat, take them for a walk, cuddle, whatever feels good. 

look them in the eye and accept that even if things are bad, they’ve still got adoration for you
Read more about how my rescue dog, Tifa, helped me appreciate being sick, healing, and living day by day with courage here

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Mindfulness Ritual Bath

starfish chilling in a bath
this starfish has the right idea

When I was at my most anxious I would take a salt bath every day. My water bill went through the roof. 

For you, I would suggest a bath at least once a month, once a week if you can afford it. 

You can add all kinds of little details to make your own little spa at home. 

It can be complicated or simple, your choice

Read my full guide on making your own ritual bath here

Mindfulness you’ll actually like

Socialize with mindfulness

You don’t have to go out to the club and buy everyone a round, but maybe you could call your mom? 

learn how you can use yoga philosophy to become more confident in your social life here where I lay out the yoga rules for social skills — the yamas

Mindfulness you’ll actually like


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