Hi you guys!

My name is Rose Moore, I am the founder/creator of Royo Yoga.


I’m new to the professional tarot reader scene. I have seen different methods that vary from reading out of a favorite book, numerology, symbol reading, and more. I’ve also focused at different times of my life on each of these methods and they will inspire good stories in different ways. These days I do a mix of the three and a foundational research on cultural contexts from when they were made and how these symbols have changed in modern day. 

I’’m going to demonstrate what my readings would look like with a reading for myself. It’s going to be very vulnerable, it will be an eye opening experience, and it is going to be fun.

tarot deck option - spirit speak

I am using the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck created by Mary Elizabeth Evans in Oakland, California. She created the artwork and it came with this adorable little book actually written out in her handwriting. That does make it somewhat hard to read if you’re the type of person who wants to read the author’s intent for the base of their readings. Unless you like her handwriting maybe it would be even easier!


 But it’ll be hard for me if I were to be reading for someone else.



Celtic Knot


spirit speak Celtic Knot
spirit speak Celtic Knot

Every book you will ever got on tarot, it’s the first thing you learn.

I use the book by Danielle Knoll, Tarot for the modern mystic for this exercise.


First card is a signifier. If you have a reading with me I will not give you a signifier. I will shuffle the deck until you tell me to stop (in person, I would just have you shuffle yourself), then I ask you if you want to cut the deck. After that, the card on top will be the signifier.


I do this because a lot of people don’t know what they want to know, and that’s totally fine! Readings typically fall into two types regardless:

  1. The type where you want to know something specific
  2. The type where you just want to know where to think


If you have a specific intent that may call for a specific signifier, and I would need to know your question before our appointment. 

 And with that in mind,

Here is my signifier:

Signifier in the very middle of the cross of the deck

3 of cups signifier 

Spirit Speak 3 of Cups
Spirit Speak 3 of Cups
  • Look at the card.

  • This is what i’ll say to you. Do you notice the balloons, what do you think of balloons? There will be no third wheel here, it will be an ultimately balanced friend group experience. The angles on the triangle are all the same degree saying balance. Flowers coming out of cups, signifying futility


Card on top of signifier – 

Spirit Speak 10 of cups
Spirit Speak 10 of cups
  • The heart of the matter (i also like to read signifier as you, and the top is how the world sees you)
  • I got the wheel of fortune – a karmic cycle in your life. Karmic sycles can go around and around and around an can cause the same troubles all over again. This means you have overcome a schema and don’t have to repeat that behavior again
    • Now lets look at where the card is placed, which is how OTHER PEOPLE see the situation. People think i’m doing pretty good and can see i’ve overcome a lot. Its ok because I just finished my yoga teacher training so it totally makes sense. Starting my yoga business, and i’ve come far in my healing journey

The Root of the signifier

Spirit Speak 5 of Cups
Spirit Speak 5 of Cups
  • Five of cups. So look at these cups what do they look like to you. They’re spilling out all that water it looks like toxic sludge, lady crying, and some cups behind him or her. So i would say you can see from the symbols that this is about despair. Cups are always about people in your lives just like how the three of cups was about a balanced friend group. This also makes sense because if you’ve been following me for a long time I had to say goodbye to some friends because I was too sick and had to say goodbye. I made an executive decision to separate from them. It is like a loss and I do feel like it was the death of someone because I’m never probably going to contact them again.


Next card is the eight of wands which represents the past


Spirit Speak 8 of Wands
Spirit Speak 8 of Wands
    • 8 of wands. Basically i went on this card theres a ship so you went on a journey, it looks like its on fire so i’d say you burned a bridge on your way to your next step. And if you go back to the wheel of fortune here, id say its a good move because i ended up ending a karmic cycle. I had to move away from something so that i can translation into my new karmic cycle. 


  • Top card: represents whats your shining crown. Whats in the present, today what is my shining light. In this book it says the best that can be achieved. 


Spirit Speak 3 of Wands
Spirit Speak 3 of Wands


    • 6 of wands
      • We’ve got the wand in our hands so we are in control. We have that balanced triangle, this one has a cup in here so there are people in play, so i would say this means i have the conductor thing, thats how i would read. Because i am going to be teaching yoga so i will be conducting. While you channel your spirit and create your own art based on my conducting

The predicted immediate future:

Spirit The Hermit
Spirit Speak The Hermit


        • I don’t think i can tell you what your future is. I don’t believe in determinism which means i think we can create our own reality. Shift your thinking in your 
        • If we believed in fate or determinism i could say i know what exactly is going to happen and id be right.The hermit
          • This is a major arcana card. So first thing i would say is look whaats going on. I’ve got these buddys theyre snakes. I’m looking at this star and i can touch it. I’m blush with my inspiration and i don’t need to take much effort to touch this star, it is a calm pointing motion
          • You are slow moving right now, you have all the potential to touch the stars but right ow i need to chill meditate. Because i’m going to be on a higher level to manifest and that takes a lot of energy. So it makes sense you’ve got to recharge. 
          • Its really hard for me to contact all these people, ask for money. Even though i’m excited for my class the extraverted energy of selling is depleting for me. So the hermit makes sense, i’ve expended the energy and now i need to come back for myself.


You and your power (summary of the cross)


spirit speak hanged man
Spirit Speak Hanged Man


    • The hanged man
      • Its not about hanging yourself its not about hate or killing. I go into this further in my video if you watch it
      • In my context this means something out of your control has happened and you need to sit with it even though you have dealt with it. You’re going to hang loose. Things are out of your control, you’re not going to move and you don’t have to. Just stick with your thoughts and let the blood flow back down to your heart. 
      • Hanging from the foot. And he can catch his foot and get himself loose. So work your abs eventually you can let yourself loose 




spirit speak ten cups
ten of cups
    • Ten of cups
      • Images: Two rings to say holy union, hands up in the air happily, love hearts, and all these cups 
      • Numerology: Tens in any reading is going to be 
      • Insight: I am agoraphobic. I was agoraphobic, I was so freaking scary. It affected a lot of my relationships. If you look back at the five up cups you can see what I mean. So it’s nice going from 5 to 10 with a full family.. This group fills my cup, i love talking to all of you


Second to last card written two different ways

spirit speak kowands
Spirit Speak King of Wands


    •  For this card i can read it one of two ways depending on how the rest of your spread has gone, these ways are: Advice, or hopes and fears
    • I got the king of wands. I hate kings because they’re hard for me to read. Because the king is supposed to be a mature man and when have you ever seen anyone like that
    • This guy is a red head. If i do a reading for you i would say there’s fire in the astrology passionate guy, probably successful, 
    • Imagery we have the wand on fire because he’s burning with passion, and he has the entire city in his hands. I really like this imagery because when you have reached self actualization you can love an entire city. That’s what it does, it allows you to love stuff. 


The outcome

Spirit speak strength
spirit speak strength
    • Strength
    • Major arcana card which means its a fate card which means its unavoidable
    • Rabbit is holding this male lion by his chompers and the lion is just cool with it. Its trust. This is trust, when the lion and the rabbit trust each other. There is so much that they can learn from each other. The bond can be super good because its taming that wild part inside of you but also loving it. 

End of reading

  • Next thing is i would look at this entire story we went through every card individually so a) what didn’t make sense before and b) 

Quiet person during a reading i will ask ‘does this make sense? And then do this summary at the end

  • Overall it looks like I’ve come around from an ugly social scene, spun my karmic wheel to grow out of old schema, in order to bring strength to other people as seen in the ten of cups.


All about stories we love to talk about. Some people like to talk about themselves, i don’t really like to but i’m doing it so you can see what it looks like. But we love stories. So i’m putting these images together if that resonates with you. And when it does I can see the glowing on your face. 


How does Rose do it? Well I listen to you! I’m listening and seeing what works for you and then going with THAT imagery. 

So you can learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.