Yoga Classes & Workshops

Now Offering Virtual Yoga Through Zoom


  • Yoga classes dearborn heights MI 48127 at the richard a young recreation center
  • Drop in yoga live or virtual recommended 15$
  • 4 week yoga sessions virtual recommend 45$
  • Yoga in the park during spring 2022 20$ drop in ([add link to signup], starts april 17)
  • Private yoga 3 month package, virtual (contact me)
  • One full day custom workshop & all day retreat; priced for size and theme
  • 6 week virtual themed series, seasonally 99$
  • Recorded yoga classes on facebook group FREE these are my practice sessions fyi, little to no savasana, 15-20 minutes usually



Spring 2022 classes have started, there are still spaces available 🙂 

We meet at the Richard a young recreation center
Near 94 and telegraph Dearborn heights mi 48127
Northbound turn at the kfc
Turn at McKinley
It’s at the end of the street
Sponsored by the city of Dearborn heights

more info on the front page

Yoga classes dearborn heights MI 48127

I love yoga because

  1. I love the release of anxiety
  2. I love to feel calm and relaxed
  3. I love having simple principles to guide my morals
  4. I love the people I have met
  5. I love being ok being alone
  6. I love how it helped me love the culture I was born into despite the trauma it caused me
  7. I love that it helps me heal my trauma!
  8. I love coming out of an anxiety attack on my own
  9. I love being sober
  10. I love seeing the truth from different angles
  11. I love my unclouded perceptions
  12. I love my bravery
  13. I love how much healthier I am
  14. I love how much easier it is to get healthy
  15. I love that I have something to do any time I’m bored or restless
  16. I love the paradoxes
  17. I love being ok without stumuli
  18. I love that I can do it anywhere
  19. I love that I can love my inner child
  20. I love that it helps me with responsibilities
  21. I love my core strength
  22. I love my flexibility
  23. I love the release of sadness
  24. I love waking up my muscles
  25. Yoga classes dearborn heights MI 48127
  26. I love the uplifting mood it brings
  27. I love how yoga can be modified for anyones needs
  28. I love how I do less harm
  29. I love how it teaches me autonomy
  30. I love how easy it is to set boundaries WITH LOVE
  31. I love how it helps me with loss
  32. I love how effortless it is to calm now
  33. I love that I am no longer comparing myself to others
  34. I love how well I fall asleep at night
  35. I love how good of a neighbor I can be
  36. I love how natural it comes once you open up to it
  37. I love the community it brings
  38. I love how inspiring it can be
  39. I love I am learning to love unconditionally
  40. I love my wonderful posture
  41. I love the peace of meditation
  42. I love the joy of single tasking
  43. I love how I can spread cheer
  44. I love that I can voice my concerns
  45. I love aspiring to a non judgemental attitude
  46. I love the breathing exercises, and the increased lung copacity
  47. I love that I enjoy nature now
  48. I love that I am moving more from my sedentary lifestyle
  49. I love how hard it can be and how easy it is to do hard things now
  50. I love the focus it brings me
  51. I love that it helps me persevere when things are HARD
  52. I love that it has supplemented my therapy
  53. I love that it has helped me learn the difference between cultural appropriation and things which are appropriate!
  54. I love learning about the yogis of the past and how they concurred many things
  55. I love that I need less and want less
  56. I love putanjuli for how easy he made it to remember these gifts of practice
  57. I love the pull from eastern and wetern culture.
  58. I love my body now
  59. I love how old the practice is
  60. I love how alive the practice is
  61. I love where my mind goes when it wanders now that I KNOW it wanders
  62. I love the acceptance I am gaining of different kinds of people
  63. I love How smart I feel
  64. I love how humbling it is, I don’t know anything and that’s ok!
  65. I love the looks on the faces of students at the end of class
  66. I love savasana!!!
  67. I love being able to meditate for long peiods of time now
  68. I love how much more meaningful my journal entries look
  69. I love the gratitude it brings me for even the smallest of things
  70. I love the magnitude of it, how large and expanding the consciousness can be
  71. I love how you don’t need ANYTHING to practice except your beating heart and breath
  72. I love the yoga sutras
  73. I love the yoga mythology
  74. Yoga classes dearborn heights MI 48127
  75. I love the deities whom I have gotten to know
  76. I love my teachers
  77. I love my students
  78. I love